90’s Grunge photography and a Lush bath…

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Morning all, thought I’d do a photography post this morning. I’ve been so busy making music I almost forgot about my photography. With the start of Pisces season, as an Aquarius I’m always a little on edge. There’s something about this season that always makes me feel a little overwhelmed and vulnerable.

I’ve been feeling a little lost I guess, I love having an imagination but sometimes it makes me feel separated from reality. I have to remind myself that I am present. Pisces is indeed the season for vivid dreams and dreamy type characters to excel and lead.

I went for a 90’s style grunge type of vibe in my photographs and I tried to photograph the parts of me that I don’t like very much. I am after all feeling vulnerable so what better way of confronting my fears than to face them.

I also decided to have a pamper session. As I adjust to the new season, I thought I’d ward myself with the ultimate girly bath. I had a mermaid bath bomb so I put that in there and added some hemp oil. I got this from amazon. It’s not my usual but I thought I’d give it a go and add it to my baths. Is there anything more relaxing than a nice bath?

I also got this Maui Vegan hair mask so I slathered that on my hair and started to play some music. I surrounded my bath with Amethyst, Quarts and a shell that I got on the island of Symi in Greece some years ago…

Sometimes, you just have to be a mermaid. A good relaxing bath can really boost your mood. If you’d like to read my post on tips to boost your mood you can here:

10 ways to boost your mood during the pandemic.

Purchase lush bath bombs here.

Happy Sunday guys, stay strong, sending some love out there today.


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