Wow, so last night the PM announced some plans to end the pandemic restrictions. Giving us a road map and an actual date, 21st June. The longest day of the year, the summer solstice, it’s special for a lot of reasons, let’s face it.

What was even stranger was hearing the word nightclub, I don’t even like nightclubs that much… unless they’re playing experimental electronic music and everybody’s dancing like nobodies watching. I guess that’s a rave really isn’t it?

Anyway, just hearing the world nightclub was completely surreal. I felt like I’d been living in a George Orwell novel. Whether it will happen or not, who knows? I mean look what happened at Christmas. I have a post about that here

Anyway, I feel like the stress that came down on me last week lifted and although it seems unlikely that I will be dancing like a pagan on the summer solstice it is at least hope that there will be an end to it, eventually

Sunday at Plessy Woods

At the weekend a little parcel arrived for me. It was some beautiful gold coloured jewellery from La Hera, they sent it to me for my birthday. It was odd that it arrived at the start of Pisces season.

On Sunday, I hit a brick wall (mentally). I felt drained, exhausted and exacerbated my situation. I always feel a little off during Pisces season as I mentioned in my previous post. I don’t like feeling vulnerable. But this wasn’t that, this was a total burnout.

A mental and physical burnout and a whole heap of stress. I won’t bore you with why, but it made me wonder how many others out there have had similar experiences at the moment.

Anyway, I decided to be selfish and take the whole day off and venture out into the woods with my kids.

My daughter enjoyed some time with her dad so I could have someone one on one time with my son. I can’t wait to go to the cinema again or visit an art gallery… I am so happy this morning, despite my skin breaking out like a mother******.

I must have tempted fate with the beauty post I did on Derma rolling and my skincare routine. Stress is just the worst! If you’d like to read my post on Derma rolling, you can here

I have been smothering my skin in CBD oil to combat this breakout. I thought it might be cute to keep a little video diary of CBD oil and my skin. Updating every two weeks to show you just how good it is for acne? Comment below if you’d like to see this.

Anyway, for now, I’m cutting out takeaways which I’m ashamed to say have become a norm in my household over the past few weeks, alcohol and sugar. I feel that this is absolutely the cause of my burnout.

I’ve stocked up on fresh fruit, veg and vegan supplies this morning. I have some killer detox smoothie recipes on my Pinterest if you’d like to start adding some smoothies into your diet. Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest.

Smoothie Recipes

And now that I have a date, I actually have an incentive to start losing weight. I have my party wardrobe to fit back into after all…

Happy Tuesday everyone,

I know how hard it is to stay positive at the moment, but the end is in sight.

Stay strong.


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