Goddess Vibes, Love who you are

I was thinking last night, that loving yourself is such a personal journey. It’s like a spiralling inward path we must all take. We are all different, sizes, shapes and have unique personalities yet we all have the same journey to take.

I’ve briefly mentioned it before when I visited beautiful Northumberlandia. A giant woman carved into the hillside. It’s a stunning piece of art. View my post here:


I’ve also been doing a lot of reading on Greek mythology. I started reading about Goddesses and I found some pretty interesting characters.

It got me thinking though, what is a Goddess?

In my mind, I picture it as someone who is strong, feminine and can face darkness and still bring light to the situation. I see her as something mythical with golden glowing skin and prowess of being comfortable in her own skin.

But in reality, I have most certainly met women who were goddesses. Not in the mythical sense but in the inspiring sense. The way they hold themselves and present themselves to the world. They are stunning in a unique kind of way. They leave you feeling in awe of them.

They are ultimately a little unnerving to be around because they hold themselves in a way that is unrivalled, yet you admire them and feel humbled in their presence.

Women like this absolutely exist, so what makes them so un-human and wonderfully complex?

In truth, I think their secret recipe is that they truly love who they are. They tap into this from an early age and instead of worrying about who they are, thinking ‘this makes me look fat’ or ‘why am I like this?’ No. Instead, they channel their inner goddess every day and they work on who they are. They don’t stop. Every day is a new challenge and a chance to improve.

This is how to be a goddess.

If I can give you one piece of advice this Friday is that you should love yourself. Truly love who you are because you’re wonderful and beautiful in your own way.


So I did a little photography collection, inspired by goddesses on Instagram.

I was inspired by four Goddesses:

Iris was the Goddess of Rainbows

Hecate was the Goddess of the Supernatural

Gaia was the Goddess of the Earth (Mother Nature)

Nike was the Goddess of Victory. (No wonder it became a super brand)

I’m wearing the lovely jewellery that was gifted to me from La Hera (who are a Greek brand and named after the goddess Hera. I thought it was fitting…


I also took this project a little further than I usually do and made some music to go with my photography. I’m enjoying that extra dimension of creativity that making music is giving me. Don’t forget to follow me on Soundcloud and have a listen if you’re interested.

Have a lovely Friday all,

Remember you are amazing,


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