Dinky Donuts by the Bay

A little trip to Cullercoats beach the other day with my daughter. I thought it was a good idea to take advantage of the beautiful spring like sunshine (albeit it being odd in February) and head to the coast line. Again I am so lucky to have this place practically on my doorstep.

If you’re ever thinking of visiting the area (when it’s safe to travel again) I would recommend this place it’s beautiful, especially if you catch it with just the right light.

I must admit I took these photographs on my I phone so I hope you can appreciate the full extent of it’s beauty. I snapped these photographs with little effort. It is, truly stunning.

I always find it pretty amazing that surfers practice in the sea here. I mean even in summer the water is ice cold. Perhaps there are benefits to being ice cold that I am unaware of? I am a creature of comfort for the most part. I find the north of England unbearably cold most of the time but the surfers always look so happy.

If I was a little braver it’s something I would try. Maybe I should add it to the bucket list and see if it makes me able to tolerate the cold a little more. Still, there’s some awesome surf shops, where you can buy all the correct equipment and there’s a variety of places that offer award winning lessons, if you’re into that sort of thing.

There’s even a surf cafe in Tynemouth with is just a short and beautiful walk away that I would highly recommend. See their account on Instagram here.

At the top of the bay there’s a little park with a cute assortment of things to play on for the little ones. There’s even a mini beach with diggers so we had great fun making some sandcastles and playing on the rides. My mini me approved.

I scrubbed healthy eating and got some Dinky donuts covered in Nutella. We shared them so it wasn’t like I ate them all, but I must admit, they were worth it. There’s a whole array of cafes and restaurants though so you can choose all sorts of snacks, these ones just spoke to my soul.

Finally I thought I’d share a couple of beauty products I’ve been loving recently. The first being this vitamin C serum. I’ve been using this everyday and generously after I Derma Roll. If you’d like to read my post on Derma Rolling you can here:

Derma Rolling

I’m also loving this lip moisturiser from NUXE, it’s really moisturising and perfect for winter. I would recommend, it contains macadamia seed oil, almond oil and honey. It gets the job done if you’re like me and get chapped lips in the cold winter air.

Lip moisturising Stick

Have a gorgeous Sunday everyone,

If you’re living in the UK I hope you’re feeling a little happier as I am. It’s been such a relief to find out the end of this pandemic is in sight. We’re not out of it yet but at least we’ve got summer to look forward to. I can’t wait to give my mum the biggest hug.

How about you? What’s the first thing you will do? Comment below….

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