Design is such an important aspect of blogging, it can make or break a viewer (believe me I found that out the hard way).

I changed my website design six times in my first four months of blogging, (yikes, sorry viewers) before eventually returning to my original design.

Still, you have to try these things, your lovely audience will let you know when something isn’t working out.

Why did I return to this one? Well, it was because the fonts were clear, it was easiest for my viewers to navigate through my content and it looked professional so I felt like it suited my brand.

I also took a huge dive in my Pinterest stats which was kind of soul-destroying after days of designing pins on Canva but my audience didn’t like them, so that’s when I went back to the drawing board and started redesigning my pins.

Did you know that on average it takes someone to consume 11.4 pieces of content before they decided to purchase something?

So I decided to do some research on design…

From Pinterest pins to website design it turns out fonts really matter. But why? Well. other than aesthetics, finding fonts that not only match your brand but also contrast well with each other, can have a positive impact on whether people click on your pins… or don’t. Or stay on your website… or, you guessed it, don’t.

Content creation

The most important part of a blog post is the content, obviously. How you produce it, what you talk about and what you don’t.

It’s a good idea to take some time planning content and jotting it down on some paper.

A great way to write a good blog post is to actually start with keyword research. Some good sites to check are Ubersuggest or Hashtagify (free keyword research tool, and hashtag researcher)…..

Once you’ve got your content, make sure you source or upload high-quality images. Images are going to make your content pop and it’s going to capture your audience’s attention and make them keep reading.

You want to make sure you choose a clear font that’s easy to read. Don’t go for scrawly handwriting types and keep away from the generic ones. Remember that you know what you have written, but your audience does not. Is it clear for them?

Once you’ve posted your blog post It’s time for the design part.

I like to use Canva to design my images, whether they are inspirational quotes, images or pins for Pinterest.

If you head to font bundles, there are lots of free fonts that you can use on pin designs in the free fonts category

The great thing about Pinterest is that once you’ve got a business account you can begin to monitor stats. You can see what your audience is clicking on and what they’re not.

How to Create an eye Catching Pin

Okay so first of all, don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. If you aren’t getting the link clicks you want or no clicks at all, you need to keep creating. If people don’t click on your pin how are they going to read your lovely content?

Some tips on pins:

  1. Pinterest likes fresh content, so each time you upload a pin for your new blog post, Pinterest likes it. Think ‘algorithms’ and make it work in your favour.
  2. Be unique. Stand out from your competitors. A great way to do this is experiment with fonts. Why are people going to follow you if you’re just like everyone else?
  3. Pick five successful accounts that you like that are linked to blog posts (they usually have their blog boards first, psst you should do this too, it will help you gain more followers) jot down why you like their pins, what makes them stand out and what you like about the fonts they use.
  4. Make a plan about the type of pin you want to create, what colour will the background be? What colours are you going to choose and what fonts will you use?
  5. Create a handful of pins, changing the images and text to suit your blog posts and then monitor your stats over two weeks.

Once you’ve got the data to see whether people are clicking on your pins, you want to use the litmus test to improve them. Like a science experiment, you’re going to change one element only at a time.

For example, try changing the font you have used. Keep everything else the same. Leave them for two weeks while you analyse your stats. Does this improve your link clicks? Then change something else. Keep an eye on what is working.

Click here to view the free fonts category on Font Bundles.

As you can see the fonts I have used on my logo match the fonts on my blog. I use my logo on all my social media sites so that my audience associates me with those accounts. It helps me maintain my professional look and it helps to direct your audience.

If you haven’t already you should design a logo for your blog. A logo defines your brand. It should represent who you are.

I used an electric blue for example because blue is associated with trustworthiness, the vibrancy of electric blue is also innovative. I want viewers to know that I am serious about my business and that I aim to share fresh content and new ideas to help them grow.

A little tip: Look up colour meanings on Canva, find out what works for you and your brand.

The Font I have used on my logo is synonymous with the font I use on my site. I let my audience decide (by monitoring stats) which website design they liked the best then I utilised this information to use the correct font for my logo, making sure it echoed my site.

Font bundles offer a variety of free Font designs. Make your life easier and get creative with the free fonts category.

Business Cards

Once you’ve got to this stage, I’m guessing you’ve probably got the content on point, the pin designs down and your logo is looking fresh.

Don’t forget business card designs. You want to utilise all this experience and the skills you’ve learnt to design a business card that’s going to make your brand pop. You want something memorable, in a good way.

Use the free fonts on font bundles to save you some cash so you can spend it on the quality of your cards.

One font that I think would work really well on business cards for a blogger for example is this. I think this works really well for feminine and beauty blogs.

A font I’ve been eyeing up for my photography is this one. I like the modern edge it gives the business. It’s fun, it’s fresh and urban.

For me, design is the fun part. If something doesn’t work, try something else. If you are planning your content, researching keywords, monitoring stats and connecting with your audience, you’re going to succeed.

As a blogger, there are so many free tools out there that are going to aid you on your blogging journey. Embrace your design side, creativity is important after all.

View Font Bundles here for their full range of fonts.

For a guide on how to install Fonts onto Windows or Mac click here.


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