I watched the interview last night, with Megan and Harry, oh my. It was just shocking, wasn’t it?

I’m not exactly in support of government systems, authority or do I see the need for a Royal Family, having said that some of the comments were so eye opening and horrifying.

How in this age can, can they still have issues with peoples skin colour?…. Awful!

I didn’t really care about the royal weddings, I saw them as a huge expense to tax payers and unnecessarily decadent (I’m not even sure how I feel about marriage, but that can be a post for another day).

Think about how many homeless people they could have housed instead, or how many food banks they could have funded. That’s what they should of spent the money on…

I must admit though hearing Megan say what she did was truly awful. She said they were all trapped, with Harry later confirming it. Imagine being trapped in this crazy life where you’re forced to smile and look happy. Their whole life is a show. It kind of reminded me of George Orwell’s 1984 and sounded like some kind of horrific relationship where you submit and loose any control over your own life.

It was like watching Diana all over again. Heart breaking.

Anyway, I started working on some vintage style photographs yesterday. I’ve been loving listening to Punk music recently, my father was in a Punk band after all so I think I was born to be an anarchist really wasn’t I?

Plus it’s fun to dress up and act like a rock star… or in this case a peace punk. I love to draw my inspiration from old band photographs, music stars, time eras and cinematography…

I’m also loving Dewy makeup so much. It makes me look so much younger and fresh. I feel like my skin is glowing. Has to be the best makeup trend there’s been for ages I love it.

I love this cute little top. Crop tops are absolutely one my favourite items of clothing to wear. They highlight my waist and my hourglass figure (and show off my tattoo).

Can you even be punk without tattoos?

Of all the crazy things that happened in 2020, could finally toppling the monarchy in 2021 be next? Who knows…

It truly is the age of Aquarius, isn’t it…

Let’s end racism.


Punk. Peace. Love.

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