Platform boots through the looking glass

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I got the cutest platform boots from urban outfitters and I might have nowhere to wear them or a night out planned but they are just too gorgeous not to share.

As someone who loves poetry, music and generally just as a creative person, I get lost deep in thought sometimes.

It separates me from reality. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing but I like allowing my imagination to take over. What was the Salvador Dali Quote again?

I’ve been thinking a lot about self love and acceptance, as usual. I thought I’d do an Alice in wonderland type of theme today. A look into self reflection and healing.

When Alice crosses through the looking glass she descends into a different reality where everything is a reflection and the opposite of what is should be. For example running makes you stop and trying to leave something only brings you back to it.

I thought this was a good point. It’s one thing to run away from ourselves, which I think so many of us try to do. Whether it’s through addiction, plastic surgery or even staying busy all the time. It’s all a technique we use to avoid the inevitable. No matter how much we run we will always come back to ourselves.

Self healing and truly accepting ourselves involves facing who we are. I can imagine, if you’re anything like me, over the past year during lock down I’ve had no choice but to face myself.

I have passed through the looking glass into a world where I can no longer run from who I am. Am I perfect? No, but that’s okay…

Maybe we should live in a world where we accept ourselves and it might make life a little easier? Perfection is an illusion. Be smart and and take a moment to cross through the looking glass with me…

In a world where perfectionism is a reality we are all out of place. Take a stand and be yourself.


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“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives them must lead.” Charles Bukowski

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