Good morning all, I’ve had a busy weekend so apologies for my post being a day late. This weekend I was protesting. It was one of those strange times in what feels like a sea of endless ‘wtf’ moments…. last year was full of them, this year is shaping up similarly.

When an opportunity presents itself, I think it should be taken. I happen to see the bill against protesting being passed in Parliament as a stamp on our rights. It only seemed right to protest against it.

It was my first protest, but the idea of not being able to stand up for what you believe in and challenge the government just seems crazy to me.

It’s no secret that the Conservatives oppose protesting but we are governed under a parliamentary democracy, where members of parliament debate about what’s best for our country…

Growing up I’ve seen hundreds of protests, it’s part of our culture in the UK. The most famous one for police brutality of course was the Battle of the Bean Field. Margret Thatcher was in office, in 1985, she ordered travellers to be ripped from their vehicles and beaten. Including pregnant women.

I am astonished that this bill has been allowed to pass, it just doesn’t sit right with my soul and feels a little militant.

It was also kind of shocking to hear that Patel was being ‘highly critical of XR and Black Lives Matter (BLM). Describing XR as “so-called eco-crusaders turned criminals” and called the BLM protests “dreadful”.

If she was referring to the statue of Edward Colston being torn down I think this just points out how steeped in tradition this country really is. I think that was kind of admirable. If there was a big statue of a slave trader in my town that I had to pass every day I wouldn’t want to look at it either.

Anyway, on Saturday I was shocked to see such a huge police presence. There were police on horses, community support officers, protest police and general police guarding monuments. They were a really intimidating presence and a force to be known.

What was frustrating to see, was so many police just standing there, to literally break up nothing. There were no groups of people or even a placard in plain sight, and yet they were there, intimidating passers-by. I wonder how much they were paid for their day of standing around staring at people. I mean what a waste of funding.

On Sunday it was great to see an organised protest in Newcastle which remained peaceful and had such great support. I understand with the pandemic, people don’t want to see large groups of people together but these are our rights being taken from us.

Is there an irony that they have decided to pass this bill when we can’t group together?

This morning with my aching feet I decided to simply relax in the spring time sunshine. Even my cat was happy soaking up some rays. Sometimes all you need is some sunshine to help you smile again.

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Enjoy this March Equinox, everyone, I feel like we’ve all earned some good vibes this year. Have the loveliest of days.


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