A Song called Tarot Love…

My head has been in the clouds, for weeks, I guess my energy must of got zapped a little and I needed to replenish and recharge. I don’t listen to my body, even if my brain is in a chaotic fog, I still try to push through it and stay busy.

Sometimes I wish I would just stop and relax a little and then I recharge much quicker. It stifles my creativity with frustration and clouds my judgement, so I’ve been trying to listen to myself more, if you know what I mean?

I think we all do this a little in day to day life, we have to. We have to get up and go to work when we don’t want to, or we have kids to look after etc, our whole lives are focused on going and less on stopping and connecting with ourselves.

My creativity feels very stagnant at the moment and slow. I was working on a new song for a while, which I called Tarot Love, eventually. It went through many stages. There was a lot of scribbling and re writing lyrics, it’s still a very rough first draft…

Anyway, reading through my note book today I realised that it actually kind of made a good poem, so I thought I’d share it, because I haven’t shared any poetry in a while.

Love Shock…

Sucked into your black magic

It’s a toxic love shock,

A cathartic whirlwind,

Of incoherent delinquency

You’re my misfit,

My darkness lifted,

Or is embraced?

Leave without a trace,

I’m the Hierophant,

Always relevant,

A temptress, an empress,

Of illusion, Confusion,

We could do this,

Make it simple,

You’re the emperor,

I’ll be your fool,

Patience, Temperance,

Hold me baby,



Striving and incomplete,

We have chemistry.

We’re all bad aren’t we?

Don’t you want me?

You’re the devil baby,

And you know it…


I’ve been finding it hard to Instagram recently, I did a post last week about the mirror world, it was Alice in Wonderland themed, ‘through the looking glass.’

I guess I feel like Instagram is the mirror world. I love it because I can be crazy. I can let my imagination go wild and I have lovely followers who always support my vision. That aspect of it fills me with joy.

But then there is dark side also, I get lost on Instagram for hours and sometimes I feel a little pressure to be perfect, which is something I am definitely not…

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Anyway today I thought I’d do some fortune teller style photographs today. I’ve done a Tarot Card style photo shoot before, which was really fun to do…

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I’ve always had a love of Tarot Cards and I think I find them kind of spiritual. I remember visiting this shop in Tenby, Wales, years ago on a little holiday and they sold tarot cards. I bought my first pack, I can’t remember the name of them but I remember the box was purple with gold flowers on it. So beautiful…

I can’t read them myself, I just think it’s a beautiful and spiritual art form. These photographs aren’t intended to insult or offend but simply to show my appreciation of Tarot Cards.

Someone I love to watch on You Tube is called Baba Jolie, she does general readings. her channel has really been getting me through the past few months. She has one of those calming souls, I would recommend her if you’re interested in that sort of thing…


Finally, I have a very rough first draft of my song if you are interested in music. Head to Souncloud to check it out. Leave a comment below if you liked my post today and I will do some more like this.

A song called Tarot Love

Have a wonderful day all, light and love.


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