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Last night there was a Super Moon. Officially it’s known as the ‘Worm Moon’, but the moon in March has had many names…

To me, it was a ‘Sugar Moon’ because I have been craving all things sweet. I think it’s a combination of stress and tiredness. I’ve been in quite a head funk recently. Sporadic posting, an inability to write, a hyper and agitated state.

I decided to look into the Super Moon a bit deeper and do some research because I was feeling a little off, and it turns out, all of this was to be expected…

I went for a little walk along the coast yesterday and treated myself to something sweet, surprise, surprise, it was an oat milk mocha, and it was delicious.

It lifted my mood, for a little while at least. The wind was blowing in a blustery mood, lashing at my face and hands but it woke me up and made me feel grounded (bad coffee pun…).

The Super Moon

Named the Worm Moon by the Native Americans because of the earthworms that would come to the surface of the soil as spring began, emotionally each moon has its own vibrations. Each one signifies new meanings and it’s information that has been passed down the generations.

The Worm moon signifies growth.

I guess you could look at the moon as an emotional compass. We are all made up of about 60% water (depending on age) after all, the moon’s gravitational pull moves the tides, why shouldn’t it pull at us too?

I must admit, I usually feel energised when there’s a full moon. This one not so much.

I’ve been working through a lot of emotional turmoil, or lack of emotions to be more precise. Like a sort of emotional shutdown… anyway, emotions aren’t always straightforward.

I’m always fascinated by how fragile emotions can make us. Something that took me years to grasp was the idea that you never truly know what someone is thinking. You can try to perceive it but you’ll never truly know what they are seeing, if you know what I mean?

Full Moons, tend to amplify feelings, I guess this is why things tend to intensify. You often hear stories of people becoming violent, sleepwalking, heightened creativity or wild stories of things that have happened during the full moon…


‘Unnecessary’ drama, is actually getting to the bottom of these feelings. Drama tends to arise when we suppress our pain. Full Moons bring everything to the surface so that a new cycle can begin.

March’s Super Moon, in particular, the first of four in a year, is a time for reflecting on relationships.

Understanding boundaries and listening to one another is important, but listening to yourself and your individual needs are important also. The Super Moon is a time to reflect on what you want, from your relationship and for yourself.

Venus has an important influence on this moon, being the planet of Love it will oppose the moon, meaning it will bring to the surface a lot of feelings of loneliness, sadness and insecurity.

Something we all have to deal with from time to time, but these feelings should have intensified last night, leaving feelings of vulnerability and impulsive behaviour.

I ate ice cream straight out the tub and got an early night last night to try and shut down my feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty.

I also decided to leave my crystals out in the moonlight last night to cleanse and recharge. I woke up this morning and retrieved them from the garden and I have been carrying my amethyst and quartz around with me, I must admit I feel so much better than yesterday. Even if the neighbours think I’m crazy. At this point in life, I am beyond caring.

Healing crystals need to be cleansed in the moonlight to get rid of the negative energy they absorb from yourself and those around you.

With Saturn currently moving through Aquarius, it should have brought some pragmatic and seriousness to problem-solving, however. Perhaps a sobering thought was brought to the surface at last, or you received the closure you finally needed to move on?

Sometimes problems in relationships can lead to greater self-awareness and point out to ourselves what we need to heal. Sometimes a deeper relationship with yourself is what you must indulge in.

If you’ve been having a tough time lately, you’re not alone, but just know that the new moon in April is a very important time spiritually, better times are coming.

The 12th of April will mark the new moon and the ‘Pink Moon’ on the 27th of April will start a new cycle.

The new moon is a time to set goals and problem solve.

There are many twists and turns in this life as well as the spiralling inward journey we must all take to know ourselves. Sometimes the complexity of life can seem a little overwhelming but trust in happiness and life will surely give it to you.

How did you find the Super Moon? I’m really interested to find out. Comment in the comment section below and let me know. (Signs most affected were Cancer, Capricorn and Aries)…

Light and love.

Mystic Musings.


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