I’ve had the most wonderful Easter off and I am feeling recharged and ready to go. I thought I’d do a vintage style photo shoot and talk about how I style my looks. I’ve always been a lover of vintage clothes. If you’re new here you wont know that, but I hunt down vintage style pieces to complete my look.

I thought I’d share my top vintage style tips today….

Vintage Makeup Tips

First of all when it comes to makeup, I’m not a fan of matt. My face is dry enough and adding matt make up just ends up in a cake-y disaster and I usually re-do my face. Obviously I know that 60’s make up tends to be matt especially the lips, but that just isn’t going to fly with me so I do my own twist.

I love Dewy bases and illuminating primer. I use cream blush and I don’t contour, which sounds crazy I know but if you want to go vintage I just don’t do it.

I like to collect make up boards on Pinterest. This is the main source of my inspiration. If you don’t have a Pinterest board I would recommend one.

If I go for heavy eye make up I like to use a lip coloured lipstick and if I go for bold bright lips I like to keep my eyes simple.

Heavy eyes include eyeliner that goes on the lid, that means it’s time to get creative. I use eye shadow in my eyebrows, it’s softer and natural looking.

Fake eyelashes, pastel browns and sparkly gold eye shadows. I always try to complement the colours to my eyes, however sometimes bright and bold works too.

Vintage Clothing

Colours are important. I like to contrast unusual colours like rust and electric blue. If in doubt you can go for different shades of the same colour. There was a lot of brown and orange in clothing back then so these are good places to start.

In terms of material I like silk (although I know it’s not vegan), imitation silk is just fine. Denim is a big one, so get those blue jeans out. Some other materials I like are canvas, wool and velvet.

In terms of cuts, I like wide legs, because I’m short and curvy so they flatter my shape. Also I love a-line mini dresses but I just cant wear them because of my curves so I tend to look for pieces that tie around my waist, flare out at the bottom and have high necks.

Collars are so flattering. I also like to pair pieces with a simple black cardigan with a bold white stripe.

Turtle necks, mini skirts, platform shoes, figure hugging midi skirts with buttons down the side, shirts with ruched sleeves, or necks that tie up with a bow. Pinafore dresses, sleeveless dresses, mini skirts, wide leg jumpsuits and denim. These are the pieces that are going to shout vintage so look out for those.

Vintage Accessories

Plain Alice headbands are one of my go-to’s, silk black gloves are also perfect for emphasizing outfits. I like to contrast them with bright bold block of colour.

Belts that tie around the waist are perfect. I like leather materials with a medium size strap and a round buckle.

In terms of jewellery I like bright vibrant pieces in gold, pieces that depict animals or flowers. I have a lot of feather earrings, (too many) I like them in black or vibrant colours like red.

I’ve just found out that I’m being sent 10 new pieces from Freya Treasures so I can’t wait for those to arrive so I can style them up, (expect a post in a couple of weeks).

I love long necklaces, short ones too, I don’t necessarily layer them with vintage looks, I go for one or the other.

I love leather bags. A satchel bag looks so cute and they go with everything. If I have a smaller bag, I like simple clutches of block colour, or simple prints like stripes with an interesting buckle fastening.

Photography Poses

I like to go for a moody kind of face and look away from the camera at something in the distance. I like the kind of sad doll look. The sixties were a creative time, so my advice would be to just play around and have fun. This was kind of the spirit of the sixties.

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