When you are selling a house, it’s a stressful time. All that hard work renovating, decorating and the energy that you put into it, but there are things you can do to makes the journey a bit easier…

Things you can do to improve the outside and aesthetic value can add a great deal to your property. Remember first impressions really do count.

Imagine you’re the customer for a second, looking for your dream house. You’ve seen one online that you’re really excited about viewing and you’re thinking to yourself this could be the one, then you pull up to it and it looks shabby.

You have a look inside, the space is great, you like the room sizes and the window size, but they’re just not doubled glazed.

The garden has a lovely shape to it, you can see yourself having drinks in the garden in the summertime and the kids running around. But then you look back at the house itself and feel deflated…

Well, that’s not a situation you want to be in. You want the property to look high spec and you want the property to be in demand.

Did you know that the outside aesthetic is more important than the interior? It’s worth investing in those finishing touches that are just going to wow potential customers.

Here are some tips to improve the aesthetic of your home, whether it’s to live there or to sell.

5 Ways to improve the aesthetic of your home


Don’t underestimate the difference landscaping can make to your property. It might be time consuming and physically intensive but if you do the hard work for the next owner, you’ll be doing them a huge favour. Nothing is more off putting than thinking of all that hard work you’ll have to do after you’ve moved in.


Double glazed windows are a must today. They’re energy efficient, protective and look better. I would say if someone is looking at a home and the windows aren’t double glazed they’re likely to walk out.

There are variety of styles and prices, and they truly add that finishing touch to your property. The great thing about designs is that you can really have fun and play with the overall aesthetic. Make your property pop. Try sliding sash windows for something stunning and grand looking.

There are a range of window styles at Three Counties, whether you’re looking for something unique, stylish or on a budget and looking for cheap windows


We’re talking fascias, soffits and gutters. Fascias are attractive coverings that conceal and protect the ends of your roof. It also helps to protect from birds nesting. They can really add a lot of value to the property.

Soffits protect your home from all the elements and bridge the gap along the roof’s edge. They make your home look good all year round, there’s no need for sanding or re painting.

Glass Extensions

If budget is no issue and you’re looking to add the wow factor to your property try a glass extension. Bigger than a conservatory, glass extensions will stun guests. With beautiful sliding doors and epic views across the garden, these really suit places with a view. Step into something fit to be on grand designs….

Lantern Roof’s

Looking to add light to a dark room and just some added space where you can watch the stars or listen to the rain while you relax under your lantern roof. These sky windows really add a quirky and extravagant layer to your home that’s going to get the light streaming in.

Acoustic performance ensures unwanted outside noise is reduced significantly. They’re also energy efficient ensuring the heat is kept in during the winter.

Re cladding of old surfaces

If there are any surfaces that are worn down with age, re cladding them could be a great way to freshen up the look of the property.

Many home buyers are looking for new and modern buildings so appeal to the market buy renovating a home in a way that is going to attract buyers.

A new front door

make your home stand out with a new front door. Easy to replace and make it stand out. I like pastel colours in a light blue or something eye catching like red…

How about French doors? elegant and classy these doors open out onto the garden. They let in a lot of light and give you an ample view of the garden.

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