My latest set of vintage style photographs are trying to catch a nostalgic, I guess kind of American hazy summer. I’ve always been a music lover so I like to draw inspiration from band photographs and in particular the groupies that usually surround them.

It’s just a little hobby really. I find photography of the past, musical ones in particular really interesting, so I guess I base my style off a kind of eclectic memory bank of vintage styles I’ve noticed, having a photographic memory helps with that.

I also love to draw a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest, don’t forget to follow me and across all my social media accounts and comment below…

Vintage Shots

June is Pride month so I just had to include the rainbow stripes for all my lovely followers. My dress is a vintage piece in a navy blue velvet dress with a choker neck that figure hugs my curvy waist and flares out a little at the end. It’s such a cute piece.

My jewellery was gifted to me. The bracelet and ring were from La Hera and came from their collection inspired by Goddesses. They are really simple pieces but they’re so elegant. I like the bracelet because it reminds me of the Zodiac sign for Aquarius, and I love being an Aquarius.

The earrings were gifted to me from Freya Treasures and they are just so unusual. They have an eye deign on them which just makes me think of the 60’s so I’m really happy with these. It’s nice to receive a gift that’s in my style.

Finally, I got my eyebrows threaded last week for the first time in a year and a half or something crazy. I am so happy to have the shape back that I like. I am absolutely awful at waxing/ plucking my brows which I have proved to myself countless times throughout the pandemic. Hey, sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make you happy…

Finally, after I took these I took some timeout with my beautiful daughter. I haven’t been blogging much recently or on form due to personal reasons but I am here and still intend to pursue my blogging ambitions, I’ve just been a little distracted by my chaotic life and have been focusing on some inner healing.

Thanks for all your patience and for continuing to support my social media channels.



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