Hazy Beach Daze, Motherhood and the Eternal Sand

How I’ve missed the warm sunshine and the cold waves licking at my toes. I can still remember this day last year. I woke up filled with a heavy kind of fog that surrounded and engulfed me, a heavy feeling that I just couldn’t shake. I wanted to be hopeful for the year ahead.

I kept thinking next year will be wonderful. Little did I know that my whole life would be turned upside down.

My daughter Zowie woke with her little bouncy curls catching the light. We got dressed and headed down to the beach.

The ripples I captured in the water, were like fractured patterns carved into the icy crisp waves.

Her angelic white dress and tiny little toes left footprints in the sand. It was early in the morning and the beach was bare. She had boundless amounts of space and the energy to match it.

Her happiness was contagious and I soon couldn’t help but smile, despite everything.

I love footprints on the sand. They remind me that even if you’re not there, you can still leave an imprint on this world. They could be trodden on or quickly washed away, but you can’t help but leave your mark there. It is like the earth acknowledging your presence.

That footprint could last for a while if you’re lucky. Either way, what was clear to me at that moment, was that everything is temporary. Eventually, we will all be washed away by nature and the slate will be clean once more.

Every state of being and our emotions, every memory, every moment, none of it ever lasts very long. We should enjoy every last breath. Who knows what will happen in the future? Who really cares? The inevitability of it all is both terrifying and soothing.

So then, what imprint will you leave on this world? A kind one? You only get one. Choose wisely.

Enjoy each moment and enjoy what you have at that point in time, take a breath in, because that is where you are. Right now at this very moment, you are further than you have been before. You are your wisest and bravest self.

Hazy beach daze…

Serpent sand slips in the air,

And palms hold up the moon.

Waves in awe of darkest night,

Ancient eternal glory; bliss,

As the sun sets on the horizon,

Pink pearlescent skin, it glows.

Imprinted patterns left by toes.

A year later…

Each fleeting glimpse of the horizon,

Casts a shimmering trophy like glare,

When the sun hits the ripples,

I find myself here once more,

Hearing the hum of waves pounding at;

Rocks, still glancing at the same old shore,

Where I found myself stood a year before.

Ebbing and Flow…

What would happen if I closed my eyes?

Sometimes I glance upon the tide and wonder,

When the heady heat pours down from another summer,

Why did I drop my anchor here and choose to stay?

Why don’t I simply drift away?

A splattered palette of auburn and blue,

One day you’ll leave me like the tide has too.

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A post about being grateful to have experienced motherhood. Peace.


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