Love is Blind by Design…

Yesterday was the first time in weeks I’ve actually felt like taking some photographs. I’ve been in such a creative slump recently.

I’ve been unable to write any new content and my photography impulses come and go, but I finally got around to photographing a set worthy of a blog post yesterday so I’m feeling a little more content.

If you haven’t guessed already I’ve been going through some tough stuff recently splitting up with my partner, moving house, I could go on and on…

Anyway, I’ve had to kind of put the business of blogging to one side to deal with some emotional turmoil, which makes me sad because blogging gave me a purpose. It was something I enjoyed doing, a way to focus my creativity.

I feel like I’ve been stuck in one of those cataclysmic black holes again.

…Just when I think I’ve pulled myself out of it another wave pulls me back down and it starts all over again.

It was all a little distracting so I just had to take a break from blogging and creativity.

There are so many things that I want to say, but I thought I’d put that in photography instead…

Blinded by Design…

Petals of crimson lustrous design,

I heard that love is blind, unkind,

I know that love is cruel and untrue,

It leaves you glowing and all anew,

I thought I could keep it, grasp it tight,

That golden haze and violet hue,

And it wouldn’t leave me cold again,

Now I’m grieving once more, in pain,

Love seems to be fleeting, like a rose,

Its petals dropping, slowly decaying,

A deadly nightshade of cherry black,

Poison I’m half drinking from this cup,

It makes me sink into hidden despair,

Just as I’m dreaming of floating on air,

Pretty petals cannot comfort me at all,

Into a catastrophic deep sleep, I fall,

Only to wake with new sight of this world,

Awake I’m unsure of what I will find,

I heard that being blind-sighted is kind,

True, rose-tinted and unfathomably blue.

My poem was featured on the festival for poetry site.


I wanted to share a kind of journey with these photographs. Love has always been complicated for me. I am I guess a complicated person but I try, with love.

I have so much to give, yet every journey I take with love seems to lead to the same end. It’s like a perpetual cycle.

I kind of see it as the life of a flower. They’re so beautiful, to begin with, especially sunflowers which are my favourite. A bunch of them like the bountiful amount of love you have at the beginning. But then they begin to wilt and decay…

When you catch sight of love it’s bold and beautiful. It’s magnetic and the energy pulls you in. But over time, you give more of yourself, too much, you over-extend. Then you’re left blue and lonely. Out in the cold.

Eventually, you choose to see the new path in front of you and you accept that change has happened. Still, it’s not the path you hoped you would take, alone once more…

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think in the comments below. And thanks for sticking with me and being patient. I think I am mending and I still very much intend to keep blogging.

Writing and photography are my passion. Perhaps they are my true love? ❤️



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  1. It’s so difficult when something disrupts our creativity, especially if our connection to it brings us a lot of joy, focus and purpose. I had an unplanned hiatus from my writing because of extreme stress brought on by various situations so I sympathize with you and send you lots of blessing and healing.

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