Passion is only Temporary after all

Something I have realised recently is that you truly only need a little amount of stuff to live with.

As I’m still waiting for a new home, all my stuff is currently boxed up and being stored in storage, I have had no choice but to get used to it. At first, I found it so difficult. How was I going to cope without all my stuff?

What I’ve realised is that it’s actually quite liberating getting rid of all of it and starting to live light.

I think when I do get my new home, I will be going for a minimal style and selling a lot of what I have.

I guess I would consider myself as ‘high maintenance’, but even for me, someone that was surrounded by cosmetics, clothing and decor, I’ve realised that all those things are just kind of clutter.

I’m excited about blogging about my new home when I finally get there! I’ve always had a thing for minimalist design and aesthetics so I’m going to channel this into my new place.

In the meantime, I have a selection of clothing, my skincare essentials, a bit of makeup, a few bags and my favourite shoes and that’s about it…

Without the distraction of clutter, housework and things that surround me, I have taken the time to do some pretty deep introspection work and healing…

I guess a lot of the stuff I have accumulated was bought impulsively. I think I see impulsivity under the umbrella of passion.

I have been thinking consistently about the concept of ‘passion‘. They say that you can’t fake passion and that you should follow your passions, but what does that mean exactly?

I see so many spheres of passion, from romance to addiction to even religion. It can be dangerous and magnetic or powerful and motivated.

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

To me, passion is a fleeting distraction that is exciting, almost unbearably. A sudden impulse or urge that vanishes as quickly as it appears, so how can I follow that? Is there a trail of destruction I must follow to achieve my dreams?

I’ve always been impulsive and driven by passion. I think you could argue most creatives are, however as I am taking time to heal, I am starting to see the depth and longevity within life. There is more to life than passion that is for sure.

And so I have made the decision that I am going to chase stability, passion is only temporary after all…

Dream Feeder…

Passion is only temporary after all,

Order, control and pride before,

The inevitable fall, chaotic love looming,

My thoughts are swirling, brooding,

Until divine guidance might intervene,

A radiation of cosmic intervention,

Or something to that unearthly description,

Ambition is a blinding contradiction,

In perfect timing we all become fiction,

A supple interpretation of what you,

Have manifested; For better or worse,

Money is fleeting, your heart is beating,

Not to waste time on imperfections,

Stand up and change the fucking system,

Keep believing that I am only pretending,

Life’s like a movie, write your own ending.


So when I took these photographs I wanted to capture what passion feels like to me. The impulses, that satisfaction of giving in to it and my blinding ambition.

The term ‘Passion-ista’ kept swirling in my mind. I think that’s how I would define myself, a trailblazing passion follower, hungry to feed my impulses…

“Blinded by that bold bright flame,

Dreaming while you’re awake,

In sonic blue visions and songs,

Leave nothing but the bedsheets on…”

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Creativity is important.


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