5 Polaroids of a Neon Dream

I’ve always been a star gazer, a neon daydreamer, wondering alone in this world. An independent capturer of polaroids, unable to conform or commit to tradition. I find it complex and difficult to exist as others seem to.

My mind wonders about the wildest of places. I look at things differently and I get frustrated when people can’t think outside the box.

The transition between art and business is complicated. On one hand, I am wild, carefree and eccentric, on the other hand, I am motivated, focused and determined.

I’ve always loved photography….

There are two sets in particular, that I love. They’re ones that I would be happy to see in a gallery one day.

I’ve always had this dark fascination with the kind of underbelly of life. While we all go about living our normal day to day lives there is the world that creeps beneath us. Like an undercurrent deep within the fabric of our systems.

To me, I guess I see things differently, but it amazes me that two completely different ways of life can co-exist. Hypersexuality is also a dominant theme within my art, it’s an expression of how I feel, as I get many others don’t feel this, but to me it’s real.

If I don’t practice the way I should, then I won’t play the way that I know I can.

Ivan Lendl

Like most creatives, I struggle to make an income and live an unpredictable and turbulent life. I have decided though, for once to invest in my own art and take a chance on my creativity.

Writing is a skill that I can sell, but my creativity is more self-expression of who I am and that’s a frightening thing to put out there into the world…

Anyway, I picked five photographs from two of my favourite sets of photography and worked with the most amazing company to produce some Polaroid Photographic Prints of my art.

I liked the Polaroid idea because it’s vintage and I always try to capture nostalgia from an era in my photography.

As it’s the first time I have ever sold my photography, I’m a little apprehensive but I hope you’ll like my prints.

As I’m just trying the idea out I only have 8 sets up for grabs, which will be available in a weeks time. They will be limited edition and signed print sets.

The first set is called Neon Dream and will be priced at £25 for 5 Polaroids

The second set is called Monroe Art World and will be price at £25 for 5 Polaroids

Neon Dream

The images below are not the exact images that are featured but instead are intended as a little taster of what I am selling. The images themselves are much higher quality (I filter a lot of images on my site and Instagram so that if anyone does lift my images, they are not great quality).

Neon brightly in the night,

Vivid colours of delight,

Dark souls in a lightning haze,

Daydreaming keeps my gaze,

Flashing in my cortex vision,

Scarlet hot and psychic prism.


My prints will be available to buy by the end of August and I am so excited. It’s always been a dream to sell my art.

I’m also visiting London in a weeks time and I can’t wait to have a little holiday, it’s been so long! I’m absolutely going to be taking some photographs and would love to share my little adventure with you all, so make sure you come back and visit for that.

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Here’s a reel I made on Instagram…

I thought it made a cute little advertisement for my art so I thought I’d share. I studied film studies and have always been obsessed with cinematography. I love the idea of making visual art representations of my photography.

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