Golden Metallic Sunglasses with a Polarised Filter

I have been lusting after these sunglasses for so long. They’re the Kyusu range from Boots. I got the polarised lenses, they’re better for your eyes and I want to do some travelling soon so I figured it was worth splashing out.
Even with the expensive lenses they still only worked out at £60 plus the lens cost.
I find with blogging I’m staring at screens so much these days that I need more protection for my eyes.
The metallic frame is dainty and catches the light so that they sparkle in the sun. They make me feel like a movie star, I can dream, right?
Anyway, I went for a little walk in the sunshine with my baby girl, who turns three in two weeks. How did that happen? It’s so cute, now that she has finally grown out of the terrible two’s, her little personality shines through. She is the best company I could ask for.
Side note: To all my fellow parents out there, if you’re thinking of starting a business, don’t start a business when your child turns two. I learnt the hard way, bad idea…

American Woman

I took some vintage style photographs in the sun. I think they have a kind of American vibe to them. My off the shoulder dress in a Marylin kinda fashion. It is summer after all why not…
“Don’t come knocking ’round my door
I don’t wanna see your shadow no more
Coloured lights can hypnotize
Sparkle someone else’s eyes
Now woman, getaway
American woman, listen what I say”

Song by Lenny Kravitz

I splashed out and got chrome nails last time I had them done, so they look perfect next to my sunglasses. I’m so refective at the moment I’m practically a mirror


Help My Instagram Is Stuck…

Okay, so this won’t apply to everyone, but I’m sure you’ve experienced it at some point if you’re an avid Instagramer, blogger trying to promote your content or even a small business owner.

Every now and again your Instagram gets stuck at a certain amount of followers. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Guess what? It’s not the algorithm…

My Instagram was growing steadily, along with my other social media accounts and blog traffic until I had to take some time out for personal reasons. Anyway, since I’ve been back I’ve been absolutely nailing my content, but my follower count just won’t budge…

So why is this? I decided to do some research and social media analysis to work it out.

First of all, what do I mean by nailing it?

Well, by this I mean that I have a little checklist:

  • Posting regular content, at the same sort of time each day.
  • Posting long and engaging stories with hooks and CTA
  • Using all 30# and utilising the right one (do some research)
  • Commenting on every comment
  • Using regular promotions of posts
  • Planning feed so that it looks visually striking and doesn’t clash

So If you’re doing all these, which I have been and your Instagram still isn’t growing what then?

Psst If you would like to know more about Instagram basics I have related posts linked below. Make sure you check those out first.

Step Up Your Insta Game and wear polarised sunglasses…

Here’s what I found:

Firstly, If your usual schedule stops working for you, try switching it up. It could be something to do with the change in weather, i.e the sun’s out and everyone is enjoying the heatwave. 

  • Switch up your schedule and post at different times. 

Next, make sure your content isn’t stale. Are you uploading lots of the same photographs from different angles? 

  • Make sure images offer your audience real substance, value, align with audiences interests and are not visually flat or of poor quality. 

Having trouble sticking to your schedule, can’t think of what to post?

  • On days where you’re having a mind blank, don’t force yourself to produce content. Instead, scroll down to previous posts and update hashtags. Add relevant hashtags old content, this is going to attract a new audience without making more content and makes sure you are utilising your posts.

Are you using a CTA in your bio?

  • Are you utilising your Bio? A CTA in your Bio is more important than adding them to your photographs and asking your audience to engage. Also when was the last time you promoted your Bio? If you want to grow fast, promote your Bio instead of posts, just make sure it’s on point first.


  • Ok so I know you’ll be sick of hearing this but seriously are you researching hashtags? Do you know how? Try Hashtagify

Go back to basics with your content and rewrite those captions…

  • So there are a few different formulas you can use when writing a caption for your photo. If your follower count isn’t climbing anymore, it might be worth switching it up again and going back to basics. 
  • Your caption should look something like this:

HOOK – Get your audience’s attention

INFORMATIVE/ ENTERTAINING – Either inform or entertain your audience, what works for your niche? It should funny, entertaining or informative…

ENGAGE WITH AUDIENCE, QUESTION – ask your audience to get involved, this encourages them to comment, which means more time spent on your post and therefore it’s shown to a bigger audience. 

THE SECOND HOOK– Keep your audience engaged.



CTA – i.e. Ask them to “double tap if you love it!”

Finally, don’t use hashtags that have loads of posts

  • While it can be tempting to select ones right at the top there’s just too much competition. Use smaller hashtags, your content is more likely to be seen and you’re more likely to gain new followers.

I will be putting these strategies into effect over the next month. I’m also visiting London next week so I’m going to have tonnes of new content to promote. Excitement is an understatement!

Happy Instagram-ing and like and share my content.

Help a Gal out,


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