I am absolutely delighted to be sharing my new business cards with you today that were designed and made by AuraPrint.

I still stand by the fact that starting my business has been one of the most empowering and exciting times of my life. In less than a month, Starting Today Blog will be having its one year anniversary.

With one blog award nomination under my belt, a portfolio of content and just to top it off I now have an art shop where I am selling photographic prints of my Art, (with some EBOOKS and more gorgeous stock coming soon)

As for the Copywriting side of my business, I wanted to go professional, and what better way to celebrate my first year of business than by splashing out and getting some professional, high-quality business cards.

So I perused a few sites, it turns out there’s a lot of choices online. While some sites are easy to navigate and simple to put a design together, they lacked personality- which is what my site’s all about. Also, the prices were pretty steep for their lack of uniqueness.

I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, I just knew I wanted something of quality, eye-catching and something that would help me stand out when I’m networking.

That’s when I found AuraPrint

Business Cards…

So right off the bat, I had a look through the initial designs on the home page, and one caught my eye straight away. I’m pretty impulsive so when I see what I want, I know that it’s right for me.



There it was on the right, the Metallic Foil Business Card. It was totally distinct from any other design I had seen on the web. It was fun, modern and eye-catching. Perfect. There were eight shades of foil colours to choose from so I just had to pick rose gold.

You know me by now, rose gold is my favourite Metallic Shade. I almost didn’t want to part with my iPhone eight plus and get an upgrade to the new iPhone 12 Pro MAX because they didn’t have the rose gold shade that I love so much, (the phone is amazing, but bring the rose gold colour back, Apple) ha! Anyway

There’s a whole range of pretty special business cards available, so I thought I’d share a few. There are mini business cards, (so cute)  coloured core ones (for all my perfectionists) and double thick business cards to name a few.



There are also magnetic ones (how cool is that?) waterproof ones, and ones made from 100% recycled paper pulp (good for the environment). For their entire range, click here.

They also do more than business cards which I thought I’d mention for all my small business owners, such as flyers, personalised wedding stationery and signage for shops. I guess they’ve got all the business printing side covered.

The design process…

So if you haven’t noticed already, recently I’ve had a bit of an overhaul of my site. I’ve been redesigning my site, making it as minimal as I can. I’ve added a store and I’ve also been redesigning pins for Pinterest.

While this has been great one of the biggest changes I made was scrapping my logo. So when it came to designing my business cards I really didn’t know what I wanted. So I went through the design process which was pretty simple…

Once you click on the business card design that you want there are some easy options to go through that look like this:


So I picked the business card in portrait design, In silk, 400 gsm (thickness) and full colour. I expected the price to shoot up, but it actually went down! For 250 business cards, the price was now £24.95 (awesome) with added tax and delivery.

Customer Service that was the Business

So next I received an email from Jane, a designer who asked me what I wanted. I shared my email URL, Blog name and asked for social media icons and that was about it.

She responded really quickly and asked if I’d like a minimal design like my website, how freaking cool is that? I love the personal touch this company gives, first of all, it’s so nice to be speaking to an actual person and secondly, she took the time to check out my website and ask about my brand.

I explained that I’d made the decision to scrap my logo and I was open to suggestions. A couple of days later she came back with this design:

I loved it. She explained the colours would look slightly different when they’d been made. I asked for a few details to be changed, for example, the front to Starting Today Blog instead and she made the changes the same day. They started printing them once I’d confirmed the details were correct.


I waited around 30 days for the delivery, however, they did message me to let me know that they had an unusually large order of business cards to print (all those people can’t be wrong, am I right?).

I also wanted to say that the quality of these cards was absolutely worth the wait. Handmade and painted with foil, they are stunning! Just what I was looking for. Thank you AuraPrint, you’ve made this fussy perfectionist very happy.

If you’re looking for a bespoke, affordable and personalised service where you get to work with a designer to create your dream business cards, I would absolutely recommend AuraPrint.


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