A Full Moon Mad Hatters Tea Party

The Lion’s Gate Portal

So recently, astrologically, there have been some pretty interesting things happening in the sky. August 22, 2021, marks the second (and rare) full moon in Aquarius.

Also called the Blue Moon, this moon will bring about great change, but it’s not the only event that has happened recently. 

On the 8th-12th August, the Lion’s Gate portal opened, happening once a year this portal is supposed to bring luck to all signs.

With the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo, these signs in particular, however, were amped up. Did you notice any changes? Did anything lucky happen to you? Comment below, I’d love to know!

It did for me, and if you haven’t guessed it already I’m an Aquarius, out of nowhere an offer I put in on a house was accepted. It had been that long I’d almost forgotten about it and then bam! wham! I’m moving home.

Finally, I can get my stuff out of storage and settle down, hell yeah. Wish fulfilled. 

I also got to visit London last week, (which was awesome, will blog about it next week) I went to the Greenwich Observatory which was pretty awesome. Other than looking at vintage telescopes and clocks, I got to see Saturn and stood on the timeline.

I’ve always been fascinated by astrology. Nerdy I know, but I loved it.

So why is the Lion’s Gate portal lucky? Well, the cosmic alignment of the sun in Leo and the bright star Sirius creates an annual (yep, it happens every year) portal that opens up. This year was especially intense and amplified. 

It’s a fantastic day to manifest new, and dream big so pencil August 8th into your diary. And it’s been recognised for a long time, civilizations as far back as the Dogon tribe of Africa, Sumer, and Ancient Egypt tracked the Sirius star system across the sky, (despite lacking any modern technology, wowzer).

The number eight is also pretty symbolic here, the number itself represents infinity. So as you close down one cycle, a new one begins, and this repeats infinitely, (which is why it’s happening every year).  

My daughter is a Leo, her birthday being 18/08/18 so there’s a lot of power within her for sure. I’m expecting big things. Unsurprisingly we celebrated her birthday in style with a mad hatters tea party…   

My little Mad Hatters Tea Party

My daughter is Three! That’s another year that’s flown by. If I said the terrible two were easy, I’d be lying. My daughter is like an electric storm that sends shock waves everywhere when she is upset. Stubborn and eccentric, I guess she’s just like me…

However, tantrums aside, those are just normal, she is fascinating to me. A total chaotic whirlwind of enthusiasm and enchanted mysticism. She seems so in awe of everything around her and I love watching her little glances and of course her little dance moves.

After everything that has happened this year, the good and the bad, it only seemed right to have a little mad hatters tea party in a magical garden. 

After the hustle and bustle of London last week, it felt good to recharge. It was a great little holiday but it was also a little overwhelming at times, busy, overcrowded and so noisy.

I’m not sure if I could live there, it would take some getting used to that’s for sure. It felt good spending time in this place again, after such a busy week…

“She’s electric
She’s in a family full of eccentrics
She’s done things I’ve never expected
And I need more time”

Lyrics by Oasis…


So with my exciting news last week, my offer on a house is accepted, I am going to be moving home soon and I can’t wait. I treated myself to a new sofa from NEXT, it’s a blue velvet one, and it’s to die for. I’ve also got some posters of Italy from the poster store to hang above it.

My new home is going to take some work, but it will be worth it. I think something I’ve realised this year is that with some hard work, determination and letting go of materialistic possessions you can manifest new. Dreams can become reality with a bit of strength. 

I just wanted to put this out there because full moons this year have really packed a punch for me. My life has completely transformed this year which is scary but magical.

Sometimes change can feel frightening and I get that. If you’re not expecting it, it can shake you up. So be ready and embrace your strength like a Leo for this full moon in Aquarius. (Although I’m an Aquarius, so hopefully this one won’t shake things up for me too much).

A place to recharge

So as there’s a full moon, I wanted to share somewhere that I go to recharge when life gets a little hectic. It’s a place where I go to reflect on life and of course spend time with family. It’s a place where I feel safe, content and inspired…

A beautiful place that I find full of magical energy and whenever I leave I feel refreshed and bursting full of ideas.

I think it’s important to have places like this. If you are highly creative and get drained easily, I find connecting with nature gives you that much needed envigorating sizzle back.

Especially when you struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression, it’s so important to have time out zones for your soul. Life can begin to feel toxic if you don’t take care of yourself.

I love having somewhere peaceful, somewhere I can sit with the breeze brushing past my face, switching off and closing my eyes. Deep breathing while I listen to the birds and the sounds of serenity is so important.

I always underestimated the power of nature until recently. It helps me to stay grounded and positive but more importantly, it helps me to stay focused.

While fresh air helps to reduce stress, and exercising outdoors boosts endorphins, it can also boost self-esteem, whilst reducing feelings of anger and depression.

Research into ecotherapy (a type of formal treatment which involves doing activities outside in nature) has shown it can help with mild to moderate depression.



Below is a Gin Beverage that I made with Hendricks Gin, for the garnish I used Borage flowers (they have a taste similar to cucumber) from the garden and pink peppercorn tonic water.



My beautiful little girl in her woodland animal dress aged two. She loves to pick the apples and pears from the trees and blackberries too.


I think allowing children to connect with nature is so important. It gives them the freedom to explore and teaches them that food takes time to grow. There’s something so humbling about picking fruit, to feel connected to the earth, feels human again.

How will the Full moon In Aquarius Affect me?

The full moon in Aquarius should emphasize your relation to society as a whole — and understanding how you fit into this, especially with others. It will require you to let your guard down.

Don’t be afraid to trust in Love again. It’s been such a difficult two years, for everyone. We’ve all had battles to fight so be prepared for the change that may shock you, but don’t fight it. We can’t manifest new if we don’t accept it.

You may also want to embrace your individuality more as in —eccentricities, minor imperfections (are cool), strengths and all—and be your truest self.

All signs are affected differently, and as an Aquarius, I am aware that Aquarius’ can carry a lot of dark energy. Well, more of a shadow side, It’s not easy being an Aquarius that’s for sure.

Make sure you have somewhere to recharge under this full moon, it could be beneficial to do shadow work or inner healing. I would recommend crystal healing or a spiritual bath and meditation.

Don’t forget to leave crystals out in the full moonlight, such as amethyst to cleanse them of negative energy.  

Stay safe my lovelies and let the Aquarius Full Moon shine a kind light on who you are, who you truly are, but not only for your benefit. The only constant in life is indeed, change, so get ready for the new…

Embrace your differences as strengths.


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