So recently, astrologically, there have been some pretty interesting things happening in the sky. August 22, 2021, marks the second (and rare) full moon in Aquarius.

A beautiful place that I find full of magical energy and whenever I leave I feel refreshed and bursting full of ideas.

I think it’s important to have places like this. If you are highly creative and get drained easily, I find connecting with nature gives you that much needed envigorating sizzle back.

I love having somewhere peaceful, somewhere I can sit with the breeze brushing past my face, switching off and closing my eyes. Deep breathing while I listen to the birds and the sounds of serenity is so important.



I think allowing children to connect with nature is so important. It gives them the freedom to explore and teaches them that food takes time to grow. There’s something so humbling about picking fruit, to feel connected to the earth, feels human again.


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