My little Leo Lioness had her birthday recently, so we decided to celebrate it in a magical garden. There were treasure hunts and singing, hats of all shapes and sizes, but most importantly smiles all around.

A tea party, just would be a tea party without an Alice in Wonderland influence now would it? So we had giant candies with labels that said eat me and some fun and games that the mad hatter would certainly approve of.

I love days like that, days of joy and celebration. You don’t need to spend much to have a good time. Recently, astrologically, there have been some pretty interesting things happening in the sky too. August 22nd, 2021, marks the second (and rare) full moon in Aquarius. Maybe it’s those playful energies in the sky but we had a great time.

I love this adorable dress my daughter wears. She is so stylish, it must be her Leo-ness but she just looks fantastic in anything. It’s just effortless. I always find that’s the case for Leo’s.

This magical garden is a beautiful place that I find is full of energy and whenever I leave here, I feel refreshed and bursting full of ideas.

I think it’s important to have places like this. If you are highly creative and get drained easily, I find connecting with nature gives you that much needed invigorating sizzle back.

I love having somewhere peaceful, somewhere I can sit with the breeze brushing past my face, switching off and closing my eyes. With deep breathing while I listen to the birds, the sounds of serenity are so important.


I made a Gin and Tonic with Borage flowers from the garden. The tonic was a pink peppercorn which gave it a little spice, while the borage flower tastes a little like cucumber. It was a refreshing little treat in the hazy summer sun.


I think allowing children to connect with nature is so important. It gives them the freedom to explore and teaches them that food, takes time to grow. There’s something so humbling about picking fruit, to feel connected to the earth, feels human again.

I think it’s safe to say my daughter enjoyed her mad hatters tea party!


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