Dark and moody moon full of Pisces

So I find myself casually grazing social media less and less these days. I feel like an outsider or perhaps I’m a stalker. I find very little interest in what the world is doing right now.

I’ve gone a bit insular and am mainly focused on myself. Selfish? Not at all.

2021 has brought us many challenges but one positive that I’ve taken from it is the time to do inner work.

Wether that’s forcing myself to stop, taking time out from my busy schedule to mull over thoughts, or allowing myself to feel- not numbing with alcohol and refusing to acknowledge my feels.

As challenging as it’s been, it was really intrinsic to my personal growth.

During this year I have dove deep into the abyss of lunar cycles, tarot cards, astrology, synchronicity, numbers, crystal healing, spiritual practice, meditation- albeit if everyone around me thinks I’ve gone bat-shit crazy.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned- who cares what people think?

You have one life so live it and trust in your inner vision, wherever it may take you.

I have watched my world around me crumble, things that once meant so much have changed. I have rebuilt.

I have learned to trust in symbolism and have found my faith again, or more my beliefs in spirituality.

With the dreamy moon in Pisces shining bright tonight and the closest moon to the autumn equinox I thought I’d share my thoughts. It is witch season after all…

How will the full moon in Pisces effect me?

Expect dreamy visions and a calm before the storm.

Let’s face it Pisces, you are intuitive, almost psychic, you feel deeply and are highly empathetic.

It’s likely that a lot of feelings will rise to the surface tonight. We’re already in a Mercury retrograde, can you feel it? Combined with an intuitive moon you should already be feeling the effects.

Full moons have a way of bringing hidden emotions or feelings to the surface. However the empathetic side of Pisces could lead to things getting smoothed over a lot quicker as you see the other side a lot clearer.

We could be in for some pretty interesting events. Emotional outbursts followed by declarations of love, vivid dreams of loved ones, gestures of love out of the blue.

It is also the time of letting go and shedding what no longer serves us. We could be letting go of toxic habits, bad routines or poor diet.

Our manifestations that we set during the new moon will be tangible, bold and bright. Things may start to happen that you’d hoped for.

New and imaginative thoughts may come and knock you off your feet like a bolt out of the blue. Electric and magnetic creative thoughts will flow.

As Virgo season draws to a close, Virgo will feel the effects most, don’t forget to find that Virgo in your life and tell them that you care.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and although we often fail to see the magical side of Virgo- Mercury was the only God to visit heaven, earth and the underworld after all. Often overlooked, Virgo’s are mystical too.

The full moon in Pisces will bring flooding emotions under the sparkling moon that lead to heartfelt, healing conversations with loved ones.

You could also get the arrival of news you’ve been waiting for and wishing on.

Animated brainstorms that keep you awake too long and the ability to forge new, productive connections.

You could just meet someone out of the blue and get on like a house on fire.

Pieces of Pisces

“A fiery arrow shot me down in the dark,

A twisted blade that lit the spark,

I was dreaming of gold resolutions,

No solution- just a revolution,

I’ll keep on dreaming the same visions,

Hypersonic, real and psychic prisms,

The significance of strange things,

Listen as the scarlet woman sings,

I’ve been here so many times before,

Somehow there is never any more,

Lost in a mystical, catsuit mentality

Trying to understand this hidden reality.”

Get lost in the Flow

Today under the full moon I would urge you to get lost in the dreamy haze and Pisces vibes.

If you can, take as much time to rest. Try a spiritual bath or meditation. If you’re able to go for a moonlight swim. Allow your mind to wonder.

Take this full moon as an opportunity to let go of old patterns and even people that no longer serve you so you can move towards your future.

Don’t fear emotions as they may bring you clarity or ultimately closer to loved ones.

Throw yourself into creative projects you’ve been postponing and don’t limit your creative thoughts.

Be dreamy and get lost in new connections. Look out for hidden messages within your dreams and expect answers to questions that have been plaguing your mind recently.

Ditch the wine and just dance instead. Dance for fun and not your ego.

Let the sensual Pisces moon glow while you set up a sanctuary at home. Think comfort; with lavender, Jasmin and candles while you take a cat nap.



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