Yesterday I had the most wonderful day out with my daughter at Marsden Rock, South Shields, and visited a little seafood restaurant called the Grotto. It sits on the beach and over looks the gorgeous pastel backdrop of amber and blue hues. It was just stunning.

My daughter excited to be out and about, contently played on the beach whilst I walked in wonder behind her over the golden sand. After all the hard work of moving house and running my little business, this day out was a welcome treat.

The Grotto is a restaurant specialising in seafood. By day the serve food from 12pm until 4pm and open as a bar by night 6pm onwards (Booking in the evening is essential).

It’s also a hotel and I couldn’t help but think to myself it would be the perfect place for a small wedding party- or any kind of party for that matter, not that I’m getting married anytime soon. Although, I guess a gal can dream.

The sound of the waves crashing onto the shore whilst I was eating my lunch was heavenly. I ordered fish and chips and I’ve got to say it was good. Homemade chips with tartar sauce, mushy peas and freshly caught cod in a beer batter.

I don’t usually photograph my food, but I thought I’d share. Perfect if you’re looking for a tasty lunch. My only gripe was that there was a little too much on the plate. I gave it my best shot though.

I must admit I’ve been so laser focused on my business and moving, yesterday was the first time I’ve really taken to explore the area near me. Isn’t it strange how much stress can consume us if we let it?

There’s something so soothing about the sea air. Did you know that the sea air is particularly good for asthmatics? The sea air is beneficial for respiratory problems and skin allergy suffers. It even improves circulation and helps to strengthen the body’s defences.

I loved this place so much I’m even considering booking a room at Marsden Grotto, just to put my feet up and relax a bit. A double room is reasonably priced at around £110 per night.

If you’re looking for somewhere chilled out to eat, with plenty of places for kids to explore, I’d recommend this place- even just for the view. I can see this place becoming my local.

My daughter certainly approved.

Remember to take some time out for your soul and relax today. Connect with nature and unwind. Sundays are made for relaxing (I used to dread them when I was a Chef).

Adventures at Marsden Rock.

Peace and light.


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