Instagram, jewellery and cocktail outfits, well you can’t have one without the other let’s face it. Are you living that bougie life but can’t decide what to wear?

You’re getting ready to have a good time with the girls and then bam! It hits you, you realise that you’ve already worn that ‘best’ cocktail outfit three times now, you can’t get away with it again.

Nobody wants a tired looking Insta, with the same old outfit, what you’re looking for is some variety. Want a fresh looking feed that makes your content pop? Read my top Instagram tips here.

Well, that’s where we’re starting off today- how to style cocktail outfits and finding some outfit inspiration for the next time you’re heading out for cocktails with your best friends.

Isn’t it refreshing now that all the cocktail bars are open again? Haven’t you just missed the nightlife and late night culture. I know I have…


Jordan Baker, chapter 3, The Great Gatsby


Obviously, a dress for cocktails is something of a natural choice; there’s a whole genre of them called ‘cocktail dresses’ after all. I love looking back at vintage fashion when I’m trying to find inspiration.

Flapper dresses in particular, which made a comeback a few years ago are truly beautiful. Eye catching, dazzling with a pearlescent glow. As was the era. I’d imagine those days were truly imaginative- the roaring twenties.

Women were widely energetic, they had a new attitude towards gender roles and were known for their progressive and modern fashion styles. Of course, modern styles these days differ hugely. So how do you get that same dazzle today?

Two big trends with dresses at the moment are straps and cut-outs. Both of which I love. Any cut out details at the back I find chic and flirty. Perfect for cocktail fun.

The cut-out style is bold and eye catching, but it’s in dress form that it is arguably the most stylish and suitable for cocktails.

Pairing a piece like this with some vintage and lavish jewellery will give you that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Like these gorgeous Art Deco style earrings, available at AC Silver, click here to view more art deco styles.

Strappy dresses with fine straps over the shoulders are simple, elegant and classy, but they’re also getting pretty experimental, with straps across the torso of the dress or just down one arm.

Equally, strappy two-pieces are big at the moment, with a top that straps across the torso, leaving the abdomen bare and long flowing skirt pieces.

Of course, if you’re looking for something elegant and timeless, you’ll find the classic dress cut – the leg slit an absolute must.

Even mini-dress-length dresses are sporting a cut little leg slit that’s reminiscent of the late 90’s/early 00’s, which have a sense of fun and playfulness that fashion’s been missing for a while now.

Beyond this, dresses are showing cut-outs at the waist, across the stomach, in the back, as well as the popular keyhole-style cut-out at the cleavage.

If you wanted to wear a dress to catch someone’s eye while you’re sipping on that cosmopolitan, you might find what you’re looking for in the world of straps and cut-outs. Wear something that’s vibrant with a mixture of modern styles and vintage jewellery.


Shirts, whether they are silk, satin, ruched, or cropped, are all timeless and classical pieces.

For something modern cropped shirts look so cute with a high-waisted skirt/ trousers or even something in leather will contrast with the texture, giving you a bold and assertive look.

Oversized shirts that can be worn open as light jackets or closed as dresses are staples in the wardrobe. There are even shirt-style bodycon dresses that combine the ruching, cropped sections, cut-outs and the straps.

When you’re accessorising something like a silk shirt and some leather pants, or a shirt-dress with some killer heels, your jewellery should sparkle and steal the show. Like this gorgeous pearl necklace with diamonds and an emerald, to view it click here.

With today’s fashion being an intense amalgamation of all the styles that have come before, it’s no wonder then that eclectic styles and vintage jewellery are the perfect combination.

On a budget? Ask your family, you never know what you might unearth. In today’s fashion, anything goes. Cocktails however have always been and still are the height of sophistication. The classiest of events, deserve gorgeous jewellery.

Long gold chains, ‘80s hoop earrings, and pearl studs are begging for a revival. Click on the image below to view more pearl stud styles. Simple, classy and so elegant.

Shirts deserve their fair representation at the bar, and if you’re going to be the style queen that takes shirts to that next level, don’t let anything stop you.


My absolute favourite style of clothing. Simple one piece suits that pay homage to the 70s with long V necklines and wide leg flares that are so stylish. I love to pair these with long pendant necklaces and look especially for backless pieces.

They work so well with metallic stiletto heels and gorgeous jewellery pieces. Again, I just can’t get enough of Art Deco style jewellery and that extravagant era. I’d pair a playsuit with a flattering cut with something wild and lavish. See this stunning pendant here.


Don’t like dresses, but want to enjoy some daiquiris with your gal pals? Allow me to make the case for suits. I’m not talking about some tight-fitting, tailored two-piece that you might wear to a job interview. I’m talking about the suit trend right now; oversized and relaxed fit.

Wide-leg trousers are in in the best way at the minute, while skinny jeans have been relegated to the bench for the meantime. #SoHappyThatTrendIsOver

Wearing a plain tight white t-shirt, paired with an oversized suit jacket and some wide-leg pants is hot right now, you can even wear sandals with this and nobody will bat an eyelash.

Equally, if it’s the trousers aren’t working for you, try shorts or a mini skirt. The co-ord section of any online clothing store will show you options for both shorts and skirts with matching blazers that might just make your heart sing a little. Comfy and practical, get your boss game on.

Gone are the days where women had to be girly, ladies we are rewriting those gender divides. Who says you can’t look flirty in a suit? Grab that Gin and Tonic and show them what you’re made of. I’d pair a suit with a Brooch. Show off that boss salary.

Whether it’s the slouchy suit for a laidback look, the classic shirt combos with some show stopping jewellery, or a dress that’s bound to draw some eyes, there’s something for everyone in these cocktail outfits.

To view the jewellery featured in my post visit AC Silver here. Contemporary, vintage and classical styles.

Live free, wild and young- that energy is intoxicating. It’s nice to inject that into the more downtown controlled way of living.

Lily James


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