Newcastle quayside and an endless blue sky…

Some thoughts on Cyberspace…

As the sun sets on an Autumn evening and the pastel pink sky is scorched like a painting, I have somehow managed to hustle and bustle my way through another day. Cozy Autumn has been a welcome relief from the glaring sun of summer and the relentless go of it all. I am feeling humbled to just chill In comfy clothes and relax in my new home.

As a blogger I produce a lot of my photography content in the summer and do a lot more writing in the winter. I’ve got a more energy in the sun, however those cozy nights in aren’t just for doing nothing…

One huge change I have made this week is to try out a bold new Pinterest strategy – After having a meeting with Pinterest I learned a few new things, so I’ve made the ambitious step to start a brand new account that solely focuses on my blog. My new Pinterest handle @Star_ting_Today

I’ll be sure to do a social media update soon- to share my findings with you all. I know I haven’t done one for a while.

Today I was avidly pinning and creating images on Canva browsing through photographs from the uncharacteristically hot summer.

Every day out that I have is now documented in photographic or video form. There’s a kind of digital imprint I’m leaving on this world. Here in cyberspace, I can flow vividly, capturing the world as I see it through my eyes.

I’m not sure what got me into photography exactly I just remember always loving it- as I did with writing. It’s self-expression. I love to capture shadows on faces and the bold blue skies behind.

If I’m being honest I don’t really try to photograph anything in particular, I just look for colour combinations I like or the shapes of things. Taking lots of photographs over the years has also helped my eye for design.

I always thought it was lucky to have a photographic memory and am a visual learner. Tell me something and I’ll forget it in an instant, show me and I’ll remember it always. It’s strange how the mind works. Photography is how I document my visions. Writing helps me process my feelings.

I’m not sure why I didn’t publish this set at the time, I guess I was going through a lot. A custody battle with my daughter that felt like a game of chess. A strange sort of feeling that I didn’t belong in a town where I had lived the majority of my life. Then there was the heat of what felt like an endless summer and my confusion as to whether I should continue blogging.

Luckily I didn’t give up. Although I came close.

Something that really struck me the other day was the idea of the digital age we’re currently in and how it seems to have removed a lot of barriers for creatives.

A degree certainly helps but we can now create films and add them to YouTube for example, (I now have a channel if you’d like to follow me) content producers don’t need qualifications, live streams are happening right now but they’re digital and web businesses have removed the expense of needing a shop premise (depending on what you sell obviously).

This digital world we’re living in really has made possibilities endless…

Newcastle – my not so home town.

I do have a Geordie twang, but it’s not too over the top – visit my YouTube channel if you don’t believe me, give me a follow, it would be greatly appreciated, I share blogging tips.

Anyway, Newcastle is one of those places with a reputation. Its roaring nightlife which came to a complete standstill during the pandemic- never did I think I would see the day. Images of women in tiny mini skirts and fake tan falling over in the street spring to mind and a total mismatch of stunning architecture.

There’s also a pretty big art scene, a buzz around music production and a whole creative culture, so I have a lot of love for the place. The quayside is probably one of my favourite places and although it’s not big there’s a lot of stuff packed in that you can do here.

Obviously, now that I’m a mother my days of drinking Tequila at 3am and stalking kebab shops after are sadly over, but I still love the quayside. There’s a lot to do in Newcastle with kids too, it’s not all raves and parties. I have a post on that, you can read it here. Creative fun for kids in Newcastle.

As I’ve grown older my interests have changed a little but I still reminisce about those wild nights.

It feels strange to have moved away from the area I know so well. It’s still close but in search of a quieter and less chaotic life, I have left my hometown for now. My heart still belongs to Newcastle but I’m off on a new adventure….

It’s pretty as a picture.

Thanks for reading.


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