As a blogger, I get asked a lot from clients I have worked with in the past, ‘do you know anyone else that could write a post for me?’ and ‘where can I find more of you? I wish all bloggers were like you.’

While this makes me feel great, it also brings up two problems in my mind, firstly they are asking where to find bloggers and secondly where can they find reliable bloggers that delivers what they promise. So I thought I would share a post today on where to find Bloggers to help you out.

Not all of us are shady and if you can partner up with the right one it can really help your brand.

Influencers and Nano Influencers

So, first of all, it’s important to understand the difference and to decide what you are looking for. An influencer typically has over 10,000 followers on multiple platforms.

Initially, they may seem a more popular choice as they have lots of followers and therefore a larger reach etc. However, the price of working with people like this is often astronomically high. Essentially you are working with another brand to sell your content. It is modern advertising, and one secret to affiliate sales is that videos of people using your product will sell them.

But what if you’re a new business that’s just starting out? If you’re lucky to have a budget for influencers this is an awesome way to promote products. If not, don’t despair because that’s when you can look for the Nano Influencer.

So what is a Nano Influencer?

A Nano influencer typically has under 10, 000 followers on social media platforms- sometimes less than 1000. However, what they lack in followers they make up for in engagement.

Did you know that Nano Influencers typically have a 2.4x higher post engagement rate than influencers? That means that because they have a smaller following they often have more loyalty from followers and interact with them more so they drive higher sales. They are also significantly cheaper. Perfect for businesses with new products that are just starting out. (To read more facts about Nano influencers read assisted’s post here)

If you are just starting out and really strapped for cash a great place to advertise is Bloggers Required (to open site click here) where you can offer gifted promotions- one of your products in exchange for a free blog post. This is great for building brand awareness.

Find Bloggers via a Creative Agency to outsource work

If you’re looking to invest in a quality article about your brand, searching for reliable bloggers so that you don’t waste your money can be time-consuming.

Approaching an agency that may already have a stream of reliable bloggers on its database can save you a lot of time, however, you should be aware that they will take a commission for doing so and usually charge a high price as they work with professional Copywriters.

Online outsourcing to Find Bloggers

If you’re looking for somewhere to set your own price per article, profiles of bloggers with social media links and DA Scores -and are just starting out, I would recommend Get Blogged.

As a blogger, this is the most reliable place to apply for paid written work. It has a collection of over 15, 000 bloggers covering a range of niches.

The adverts you publish are completely free and the commission rate for Get Blogged is taken from the writer, not the brand.

It saves a lot of time searching through individual blogs for reliable bloggers, work history and contact forms as they offer concise profiles of each blogger, visit mine here.

Get Blogged also search through all the applications and only send you the best ones that they will think will fit with your brand. They also email individual bloggers that they think will be a good fit for your brand, so it’s well worth checking out their site today. It’s also free to advertise so a win, win for brands.

Prices for articles are extremely reasonable and based off of website Domain Authority scores with Nano Influencers often working harder to promote your product and promoting it on various social media platforms. It’s a great place for both Bloggers and to find Bloggers.

You can register on Get Blogged by clicking here. They have 17,000 bloggers that cover every niche you could imagine.

You can also advertise paid work on Bloggers required -although I am unsure of the commission rate on that site for brands.

Social Media

A great place to advertise work is on Twitter (follow me here) by using hashtags such as #bloggerswanted or #bloggersrequired as a blogger I look at these daily to see if there’s any work going.

Some other great places to advertise to find bloggers are Facebook groups (such as Blogger Opportunities) that you can join- or even just posting your advert on your business website or social media platforms. If you’re looking for bloggers that genuinely love your brand they will already be following you.

Visit Blogger’s Blogs and Ask for a Media Kit

If you’re looking to build a lasting partnership with a Blogger to promote your product this is the most time consuming but effective way to find bloggers. Visit their content- read through it, make sure it fits your brand, email them via a contact form.

A media kit should include social media analytics, highlights and brand examples. Something else to look out for is quick responses- you want a blogger that is active, not idle. A reputable blogger is also likely to have a Linkedin account with personal details and work history.

Why should I hire a Blogger?

If you want to find bloggers to promote your products or services, the business of blogging is a modern way of advertising. Online reviews and video examples of people using products are booming. We are in a digital age.

Did you know that a whopping 40% of millennials read product reviews online before purchasing online products and the figure is even higher when online shopping? 80% are influenced by price, especially when there are discounts.

For this reason, finding bloggers will ensure business growth. Hiring the correct blogger that will give you the results you are after is so important for brand expansion, brand awareness and of course sales.

Find bloggers you like and stay in touch

Please like, share and comment on my post if you found it helpful- also a final little thought is that if you find a reputable blogger, stay in touch! We’re always happy to help.

If you find bloggers that do a good job, ask them if they know someone else.

Thanks for reading,

Here is a YouTube video where I go into more depth about where to find bloggers.


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