Smokey amber haze, a little danger and gun powder flowers dancing in the smoked out sky, bonfire night is one of my favourite nights. Autumn is already an awesome time, but to me bonfire night is a rebellious celebration of colours and sound. Vibrant and dazzling, the smell of gun powder in the air is always a crowd pleaser.

While I love big displays, since the pandemic I really have found comfort in small gatherings with family and friends.

A blazing fire, roaring in the dark, music playing and of course some drinks while you watch the sky light up is always a fiery experience.

Last night- seeing as it was bonfire night I decided to have a ‘Sophie is Back in Business Party’ and I thought I’d blog about it because it was such a good idea! (Thanks Melissa)

Usually I’m the type of gal who just powers through things, I like to stay as busy as I can but April through to August I just wasn’t able to focus the way I usually do.

Going through a separation and moving home twice really packed a punch- and although there were some amazing highs this year, the lows were pretty rough.

The past couple of months however, I have stepped up to the mark again and feel like I’m back with a bang. I’ve got a business mentor now, a new Pinterest strategy and my energy is restored- I’m raring to go and more determined to succeed than ever.

I had no idea that taking a chance to invest in myself and starting a business would cause my relationship to fall apart. I thought we were ride or die, but taking a huge pay cut and spending my savings on this blog was ultimately the grand finale- and it ended with a bang, believe me.

While I’ve come to terms with it, I wanted to mention it because if you go self employed this is of course something you have to factor in, if you’re unable to work, you’re unable to earn. I have a post on income tips for the self employed You can read that here.

Depression can hit anyone, at anytime- it doesn’t discriminate. Feeling down can be life changing and it can happen to anyone. If you are feeling depressed, I feel you. Just know that all bad times will end, eventually. There is always light that will follow the down times.

If you feel like you can’t cope, please get help. You can call the Samaritans (UK) visit their site here.

While I still stayed productive during this year, I truly just wasn’t my usual creative and happy self.

So last night to mark the end of the bad times, I had a back to me party with my parents. We laughed about the good times, drank delicious home brew (my parents have an amazing home brewery where they make their own beer and spirits) and sang old songs around the fire, while they played the ukulele.

It was just the most perfect night, and while I still posted on social media, I took the night off and really let my hair down. It was much needed. Never underestimate the power of taking some time off.

Vintage Eyeliner and a Purple Haze

So you’ll know by now if you follow my blog that I love my vintage styles. To read how I style my vintage looks click here. I love pairing embroidered shirts with flared sleeve and 60s style eyeliner but with my hair still smelling like a bonfire I decided to try some new hair products.

As a bleach blonde I’ve got a lot of hair damage. So I’m always looking for products to both protect, repair and strengthen my hair.

I also use a lot of toner for brassiness and purple shampoos so I wanted to review some products from Bleach London because I haven’t reviewed any beauty stuff in ages. Now that I’m back I thought it would be a good place to start.

First up was the Champagne Super Toner. I think I picked this for the name more than the colour. A little nod to oasis.

Someday you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova
A champagne supernova in the sky

Wake up the dawn and ask her why
A dreamer dreams she never dies
Wipe that tear away now from your eye
Slowly walkin’ down the hall
Faster than a cannonball
Where were you while we were getting high?

Oasis, Champagne Supernova

It was a little more golden than my usual shade. I like icy whites and greys so I was a little apprehensive about the colour at first.

I would recommend leaving this toner on for the full application time, it’s not as strong as some of the other toners I’ve tried but it did leave my hair nice and soft and game me an even coverage as some of toners I’ve tried can be a little patchy.

Next is the Hair Elixir, like I said before my hair is damaged so I like to add oils to my hair when damp, before styling or even over night. This stuff is great for hair damage. I can apply it daily without it getting greasy. It combats split ends and leaves my hair feeling like hair again.

After an amazing night and some pampering this morning I am now chilling in a Vitamin C brightening mask. Remember when you could have hangovers and wake up looking fresh? No matter, thank goodness for brightening masks! The Bonfire has definitely left my face a little sore and in need of some TLC.

Later I’m going to a Thai Restaurant. I actually can’t wait. I’m so happy to be back! If you’ve been through a down time recently I’d recommend a back to you party.



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