Golden leaves and 3 Supplements to improve health

Remember all those hazy days, where everything seems just grey, imagine if you could just blow those moods away like the golden and amber leaves of autumn. As December gets even closer, I am reminded to take care of my health. Now is the time to eat healthily as we prepare for winter, to take supplements and of course wrap up.

I took time out of my busy schedule yesterday to spend time with those that I love. If I’m being honest I have been getting ill recently and I seem to be so focused on my business sometimes, I forget to put my health first.

I really wanted some supplements to add to my diet to give me a little booster for the approaching winter season so I chose some and then headed out for the day leaving my work at home, kinda.

I like taking a break from writing occasionally because I can focus on other creative things like photography. I went to Northumberlandia, the lady of the North with my daughter and my mother, the colours of the leaves were just stunning. It was lovely, all three generations of us, walking side by side through the colours of autumn.

It’s funny I found myself here though, I remember visiting the very same place just over a year ago when I first started my blog and finding it so inspiring…

A man-made piece of conceptual art of a giant lady carved into the hillside. The smouldering curves and the natural beauty of the female shape, covered in swirling stone coloured paths to explore the magnetic shape of the female body.

Spirals and are an ancient symbol that represent the inward journey you must take to know and love yourself. A real piece of explorable art by Charles Jencks.

Get ready for the winter with Focus Supplements

I must admit I have been a little under the weather recently and so it seems to be most people I know. A sudden surge of viruses as the restrictions on socialising is lifted and things are returning to normal, as we are mixing once more it’s like a storm of viruses have hit.

Having a young child means that she is, unfortunately, bringing home every virus from nursery at the moment, it really has me run down but, I am absolutely delighted to announce that I’m now an affiliate for Focus Supplements.

They sent me some awesome supplements to try out, which were really much needed, perfect timing, I love my job!

Anyway, I thought I’d talk about the supplements available on Amazon and I’ve also got an awesome code to share with you so that you can grab 10% off!

Focus supplements are high quality and high-grade supplements designed to help with a range of health issues and ailments.

So I got to choose 3 amazing supplements from Focus Supplements, here’s what I picked:

  1. I got Lion’s Mane– derived from a type of mushroom. Lion’s mane helps with memory recall and enhanced brain function. It is also linked to lowering depression and anxiety so I just had to give this one a try. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

2. Next, I got Boswellia Serrata– also known as Indian Frankincense, It’s priced at £19.99 for 120 vegan capsules. It helps with joint health, reducing swelling and it’s strong so you only need 1 capsule per day. You can purchase Boswellia Serrata on Amazon here.

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3. Finally, I got Vitamin D3 and K2– the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D has many benefits, it helps to fight off the flu and even helps the body to absorb calcium to help with bones. You get a 6 months supply in one bottle priced at £18.99. You can buy Vitamin D and K2 at Amazon here.

The whole range of high-quality supplements are available on Amazon and I am just delighted to be working with Focus Supplements. Health is so important to me so I love being able to share a discount with you all.

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