I took a set of photographs yesterday in my new denim dungarees that I got from Levi’s. I know I try to budget a lot, but sometimes you’ve just got to shop and with Black Friday approaching I just couldn’t resist. Is there anything more therapeutic than a bit of retail therapy?

In keeping with my usual vintage love and seeing as the weather has been getting a little chilly, (there was actually frost on the ground this morning) I decided that I was going to get some new denim. I’ve been looking at dungarees all year, so I finally decided to get some.

I’ve been intensely budgeting this year, running your own business is hard, but I’ve had my eye on a pair of denim dungarees for ages so I just had to.

It’s funny to think about it, but before I had my business, I wasn’t great at budgeting. I was the type of person that thought you only live once and would spend what I earned- living the high life, I guess. I liked to splurge on expensive clothes, nights out and holidays.

Something great about starting your own business is that it teaches you about budgeting and finances. You start to look at purchases and think do I really need this? That is a newfound power that I have and something I was never able to do previously. I thought I’d mention it because it can be so tempting to overspend on the Black Friday sales.

Having said that, it’s also okay to treat yourself, so long as you can afford it- which is something I really haven’t been doing this year at all.

Anyway, I’m not always a lover of denim, I’m curvy and have an hourglass shape so I’m always a little dubious about jeans, but these are just perfect. I got the Loose Overalls from Levi‘s priced at £110 in size XL. If you’d like to purchase the ones I got, you can here.

I also found a cheaper, similar style at Newlook for £29.99 if you’re on a tight budget. You can purchase them here.

I’m wearing my lingerie from Tutti Rouge, (you can read my review about them here.) This bra is soo comfy, it fits perfectly and the lacy detail is so cute. They’re also really affordable, if you’re a DD+ I’d really recommend them.

As we get closer to December I am really thankful that I am able to spend a little on myself. I have budgeted like crazy this year and worked really hard on this blog- so I’m always happy to get myself a little treat.

Plus I can see myself pairing these with polo jumpers and crop tops all winter so it’s more of an investment for the wintertime…

Denim dungarees

Happy shopping everyone,

Thanks for reading,


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