Golden hour at the Beach and an iPhone 12 Pro Max

There are a few things that I really love in this life, like the sound of rain, the waves crashing on the beach and of course music. How could I survive without music? But as a photographer, nothing beats the golden hour.

That perfect time for capturing shots an hour before the sun sets. It’s hard to catch and it changes everyday, obviously, but as a photographer, nothing beats capturing moments during the golden hour.

You really can capture amazing shots during this time. I’m also lucky to have such an awesome phone to capture fleeting moments with ease. I use the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

My camera broke last year so I got the iPhone 12 Pro Max as a temporary camera until I got a new one and I’ll be honest, it’s pretty amazing. It’s so good I’ve managed to hold off on getting a new camera.

I love the camera feature in settings, go to format and select the AppleproRAW setting- this ensures you won’t loosed any quality when you zoom in. You can even take photos in the dark without a flash. The video quality is also pretty high. Stunning actually.

I’ve been working on my film skills this year. As a photographer it’s kinda of strange standing in front of the camera but I’m getting used to it now. I’d love to start vlogging but I still struggle with the talking to my phone in public thing. However, I have gained a little confidence with it this year- especially when it comes to filming products.

Something I’ve been eyeing up this year is the camera tripod for the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a shutter button. I am currently writing my Christmas gift guide for 2021 and I think this may have to go on there.

I’m looking forward to purchasing a new camera next year, (I think I’ve earned it) but in the meantime my iPhone is really doing the trick. If you’re considering buying one for Christmas I’d really recommend it. I’ve had mine for six months now and it’s just fantastic. Everything you could ask for in one handy package.

A quick question for all my bloggers out there, I’d love some camera suggestions, comment below if you have any, they’d be greatly appreciated. What camera do you use?

Anyway, I went to the beach yesterday and it was so cold but really refreshing. It was an impromptu trip with my kids, so I was lucky to catch the golden hour.

I really liked these shots so I thought I’d share them. I wrote a little poem also…

Monday Blues

Denim babe with the blues,

Black lace and cigarettes,

She smiles sometimes,

Because deep down she knows,

During those wild phases,

We all get kinda crazy,

In the best possible way,

Like crashing waves,

Pounding at the shore,

Drowning in Monday blues.

Thanks for reading,


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“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives them must lead.” Charles Bukowski

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