Ultimate Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021

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Ah it’s December– considering how much this year has dragged, December really snuck up on you, didn’t it? I’ve been getting festive as it’s St. Nicholas’ day (Dutch Christmas, read my post about it here). Anyway, as promised here is my Christmas gift ideas for 2021.

I’ve compiled a selection of gift ideas from area of my life that I know best. From beauty to technology, teenagers to mothers, I’ve spent all year trying out these products and some of them are ideas for amazing gifts that I like to give myself.

From stocking fillers, to photography gifts and things that I am loving, I think all of these would be awesome gifts for those you love.

I also did a photoshoot yesterday with my baby girl. So here’s some cute photographs of us. Just to get you in the festive mood…

I’m not big on getting kids to wear makeup and my daughter certainly doesn’t need it, but she just loves watching me do my make-up and always wants to join in so I thought I’d go all out and give her some festive sparkles on her eyes, some 60’s eyeliner and pink nail varnish.

I finally got my camera fixed but I’m still looking at new ones for next year. I’m really hoping to start travelling again next year and I’d love to start vlogging my trips on YouTube, but this pandemic just keeps going doesn’t it? I was reading my post from last year I don’t know why you say Goodbye, I say hello- about my new years resolutions (read that here) and I realised that I actually achieved them all, which is kind of rare.

I also wrote a post about Tier 4 changes, lock down restrictions and a Christmas full of fear last year, and told myself I’d come back to it this year to see the difference. I really hopped this year would be different- or back to normal (whatever that is) but it seems not. Holland has been locked down for St. Nicholas’ day and with the Omicron variant on the horizon it’s back to masks and hands, face, space.

I figured after the past two years now more than ever people deserve lovely gifts to make them feel better. We all really have been through so much- world wide. I also wanted to include gifts for people with smaller budgets as I know many are in financial hardship at the moment and with energy prices tripling, not everyone can afford expensive gifts.

Anyway here is my Christmas Gift Guide for 2021. I’ve tried to compile a list of things for every budget. I hope you enjoy. If you’d like to read what I got last Christmas, you can here.

Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021

So first up is a selection of presents for photography lovers- obviously I’m a bit of a camera geek, I’d have a whole selection if I could, a gal can dream. Here are my top three Camera pics.

1. iPhone 12max pro, I’ve written about it before but seriously this camera is just amazing. Slightly cheaper than the new version with some amazing deals on this Christmas, I got this thing for the Camera and it did not disappoint. Read my post about it here.

It’s more than a Camera- an all in one package and I just love it. It takes stunning shots in all kinds of lighting and it’s super easy to take with you everywhere. This will be a winner for any photographer.

2. A photography stand. I like this large 12 inch light ring and 66 inch stand from Amazon, priced at £29.99 with a selfie ring and shutter button. There’s loads of variation, and ones to suit every budget. As a photographer these are really useful for shooting shots, indoor and out. If you’ve got a photographer in your life- something like this will be a winner for sure.

3. If you’re looking for an overall camera which covers the best of all angles, I would recommend the Sony Alpha ZV-E10L (a vloggers dream). Not as expensive as the iphone this Camera is sure to wow and dazzle anyone who loves photography and cameras.

So there you have it, my top photography pics. A little pricey I know but photography isn’t the cheapest of hobbies. Some other recommendations would be a polaroid camera- go vintage style or even a digital photo frame.

As a mother, I’ve found the pandemic draining, unable to have a night off, or a day to myself- it left me frazzled- to put it nicely. I wanted to share some gifts for mothers this Christmas.

1. First up is Maelys Cosmetics – this stuff is amazing. I started using it in the summer and it really is quite incredible.

It said it was like surgery in a bottle and to be honest- it kind of was. I was a little bit dubious after trying countless creams for stretchmarks but this stuff is awesome and it really flipping works.

I’ve noticed a huge improvement on my tummy. I also got the booty mask and the B-Perky cream for boobs. All of it was good, but I’m recommending the B-Flat cream for mama’s. It’s a little pricey at £45 per tub, but worth it.

2. Is an Affirmations deck of cards- from mal paper, priced at £14 this cute set of affirmations cards are a little reminder to see the positive in life- because sometimes when you’re a mum you forget to remind yourself about the good. Stop rushing around so much and take some time to appreciate what you have.

3. A little holiday in the UK. Seriously, after the lockdown this year, this little trip to London revived me so much. I would always think of going abroad somewhere but obviously at the moment that is difficult.

I was really surprised how much I loved going on a trip to London. Just a little break made such a difference. Never underestimate the power of an amazing little break in the UK. A spa holiday would be good also.

Some other ideas are a virtual cocktail class or some new lingerie, I like Tutti Rouge- affordable, comfy and gorgeous. Read my review on Tutti Rouge here.

You already know I’m a skincare gal, beauty lover and just adore pampering myself. Nothing makes me feel better. I thought I’d share my best beauty pics.

1. A homemade beauty hamper. How many times have you brought a bath set from boots for someone, or given them shower gel that they will never use?

I like the idea of picking individual beauty products that they like – or that you think that they would and wrapping them up in florists cellophane. You could combine Lush bath bombs and face cream and hair oil for example.

I think this is much more personal and you’re less likely to give them unwanted products, which is better for the environment.

You could even go one step further and make packs like spiritual bath packs with ingredients like Himalayan salt, dried oranges and bottles of essential oils. Read my post on spiritual bath recipes.

2. Supplements, to give the beauty people in your life a health boost, especially during this pandemic. Health has never been so important. I love Focus Supplements- available at Amazon.

3. Super dewy makeup. I love Revolution’s SuperDewy Collection available at Superdrug.

If you’re over thirty like me, be prepared to be wowed. I love this stuff. I use Revolution’s collection and it’s flipping awesome. It takes years off and keeps my skin moisturised to the max.

If none of these appeal or you have a tight budget, how about a voucher for a beauty store? Everyone has individual beauty loves so why not give the gift of choice this Christmas.

My son is an absolute gaming pro- and turns 15 tomorrow so he is very fussy. These gaming ideas have been tried and tested on him!

1. First up is the Oculus Quest 2, this thing is amazing. It’s like being transported to the future. It has some out of this world features and it was well worth the price- although there’s some pretty awesome deals to be had this Christmas. Anyone that loves gaming is bound to love this. The visual graphics of this thing is just stunning.

2. A gaming chair, I got this one with LED lights and a recline option. My son also has a light up keyboard and head set so I had to get the chair to match. This one was priced at around £130 and came with a little remote for light displays. He loves it.

3. Pre order Elden Ring. Set to be released in February, this game is going to be big. I’m not gonna lie- even I’m excited about this game. It looks awesome, I’m sure you’ll please any gamer with this.

Some other ideas for gamers are the new iPhone 13 pro max (it’s made for gaming), or some framed gamer inspired posters for fresh room decor. I also like the idea of neon signs and if you’re really on a tight budget some cute desktop plushies will always win.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Christmas gift ideas. Enjoy this festive season and happy St. Nicholas’ day.


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