I am so excited for Valentine’s Day this year. I still can’t believe I’m engaged, how’d that happen? and I am absolutely delighted to be working with Daisy London!

I love that I’m starting 2022 with so much new jewellery. An engagement ring and now these gorgeous 18ct Gold plated earrings from Daisy London. To view their range of earrings, click here.

Daisy London make vintage-inspired designs and high-quality gold plated items to ensure their jewellery is high quality and lasts. Just what a Gal wants on Valentine’s Day.

I thought I’d write a post on Valentine’s Day style, seeing as it’s only one month away, if you’re looking for makeup inspiration I have my 60s bedroom eye makeup tutorial here.

I wanted to pick the earring designs I felt would work best with my wardrobe, although it was difficult to choose only two designs- their jewellery is totally stunning and I can’t wait to wear them for Valentine’s Day.

Glam for Gold

I wanted to go for something vibrant this year in terms of my outfit. Big sparkly eyes with some 60’s eyeliner and a bold coloured dress. I want to stand out on Valentine’s Day. Last year was so gloomy and depressing, this year should be bold and bright.

I love pairing mini dresses with big chunky heels, I think my favourite shoe purchase last year was probably my platform Chelsea boots from Urban Outfitters. They’ve got a vintage feel with a modern twist. I featured them in my post Platform Boots through the Looking Glass, (to view it click here).

I’m also loving dresses with cutout details in fitted materials. I think they are so cute and flirty. I feel really girly in these kinds of dresses. Especially with Lacy bras underneath. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

I used to work as a chef so I’ve always loved getting dressed up when I have the chance to. I mean, I enjoyed working as a chef but detested the no make-up/ checky pants combo….

Nothing makes me happier than embracing my femininity so the first pair of earrings I chose from Daisy London were these gorgeous earrings in the shape of a woman. I think they’re beautiful. They showcase the winding curves and beauty of the female body.

Something I have really missed over the past couple of years is spa days, facials and saunas.

How long has it even been since I stepped into a spa? I’m loving home mask kits at the moment, plumping lip ones in particular. Valentine’s Day is all about getting pouty after all…

The second pair of earrings I choose were these gorgeous palm leaf enamel drop earrings, they’re so dainty and eye-catching. They remind me of flappers with a 1920s kind of style. Elegant and charming.

These are statement earrings in a classy way, not too big or over the top.

Daisy London, the Earrings to complete that Valentine’s Day Look

One of my favourite things about Daisy London is the fact that their earrings are designed to be layered. In fact, their necklaces are designed like this too. I love the idea of old school glamourous designs, a vintage homage with the modern twist of being able to layer them.

Daisy London is so unique and the packaging they came in was just beautiful. I thought they’d make an amazing Valentine’s Day gift. I posted my unboxing on Instagram.

The earring pieces themselves are so gorgeous, I was absolutely inspired to design my Valentine’s Day outfit around them.

I want something flirty for Valentine’s Day, so I thought this black Lacy top with Lacey cut out details would be cute, with a bright purple mini skirt. You can view my full outfit on Instagram reels.

I’m also loving this pastel pink hair band at the moment and of course it shows off my earrings.

I love how these earrings are perfect with a nightdress or sophisticated enough to wear them through the day.

I absolutely love Daisy London. They satisfy my vintage craving, (I think this brand might just be my new favourite). I can’t wait for Valentine’s day!


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