Is there anything worse than not getting a full nights sleep? It can reap havoc with your day and leave you miserable, moody and generally off your game. It’s not what you want for a day at work. Never underestimate the potential of a full nights sleep and the power to sleep happy with a new mattress.

Well, I am absolutely delighted to share with you the company Sleep Happy Mattress today- after buying one of their memory foam mattresses and beds, I loved it so much I decided to become an affiliate for them!

I also wanted to point out why I loved their company policy so much, but first, let me show you their mattress range. Currently, they have £100 off so don’t forget to check them out (click here). I’m also able to offer you an exclusive £50 off that you can only grab via me, please email for more details and your exclusive discount. (I’m not allowed to share it online).

They offer three types of mattresses:

  1. The Memory foam mattress
  2. The Hybrid
  3. The Urban spring mattress
Sleep Happy Mattress

There’s also a 100 night trail with the Hybrid Mattress, so if you don’t like it after 100 nights, you can send it back! Awesome.

The Memory Foam Mattress

So this one is my favourite, it all depends on what kind of sleeper you are. I like to sink into my mattress. It’s comforting and supportive and great for the spine. If you haven’t tried memory foam yet, I think you’ll love it.

Priced at £772 for a double mattress- currently with £100 off (hurry if you want the discount). Don’t forget to grab your extra £50 discount from me!

The Urban

How does a brand new standard spring mattress sound? The cheapest mattress sleep happy offer, but also the most practical. On average you should replace your mattress once every 10 years, so this is an affordable investment that’s going to guarantee a sound nights sleep for 10 years.

The Hybrid

A mixture of spring and memory foam this new mattress is the new trend. Why not try the best of both worlds? And if you’re not happy after 100 days- you can send it back and get your money back. All mattresses are available in single, double, king and super king.

Payment Options

Now this is the cool part. There are three payment options available. Which I’m going to break down for you.

  1. Payments split into four with no interest for people in receipt of Universal Credit (UK)

Bad credit? It doesn’t matter if you’re getting universal credit you can split the payment into four payments over four months. On the completion of your fourth payment, you will receive £50 cashback (please note that £50 cashback is an offer exclusive to me only). Please email me at for more details.

2. Split your payments into affordable weekly payments via Snap! Finance

Set up your payment plan via Snap! Finance

There is a £15 deposit to pay upon approval and don’t forget to email me first to get your extra £50 discount off the retail price!

3. Pay in full via credit or debit card

email me at for your £50 off discount code 🙂

Look forward to a Dreamy Sleep

If you order via me, along with your discount you’ll get free shipping. All mattresses come in a box and are easy to manoeuvre upstairs. They have a beautiful bed range also- which obviously I recommend, having one myself.

I am delighted to share Sleep Happy with my followers and look forward to hearing from you so I can share my amazing discount with you!

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