I love this time of year. February is always a welcome relief after the storms of January, the darkness and the cold. Although there’s no snow on the ground, we’ve got a Snow Moon approaching.

Yesterday was a new moon. A new moon is a great time to set intentions. You may also find yourself inquisitively wondering about life, with a strong ambition to set new goals.

Ambition always comes into play when there’s a new moon in the sky. It’s the perfect time for setting intentions and planning for the future. In particular, I have been feeling the need to focus on my physical health this month.

The full moon is more of a time to release energy, a time to let go of emotions and pent up feelings. The full moon this month will be the Snow Moon and will make an appearance on the 16th of February.

Some other astrological factors to take into account is the end of the Mercury Retrograde on the 3rd of February, which should see life begin to ease a little. Routines will start to run smoothly again and financially things may start to get better.

I don’t know about you, but January this year felt like riding a wild horse. Unpredictable, chaotic and financially, it was terrifying. It was a bit of a psychic attack on the senses and I’m soo glad it’s over.

Now that February has begun, however, I’ve had some pretty amazing outcomes so far, so my positivity is flowing from me once more. A lot like the glow of the Snow Moon that’s happening soon.

I started a wood carving class last night with my son. I thought it’s been a while since I learned a new craft so I thought I’d give it a go. Plus it was nice to spend time with my son.

The hammering of the chisel into the wood was like the relentless chipping away at my soul that last year brought. Starting a business was hard work, it still is, but it’s also humbling and kind of satisfying.

I was the only woman there, but that didn’t bother me much. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself and this certainly did.

It certainly made my arm ache but after 10 weeks I’m hoping to be proficient enough to make a bowl. I’m quite looking forward to having a bowl to serve salad in that I crafted myself.

Daisy Love and the Female Curves

I took some photographs the other day. I was wearing my gorgeous Daisy Earrings (you can read my review here). I absolutely adore these!

The curves of a woman as some little dainty gold earrings are so cute. They really catch the light. Even though they’re small they stand out (a lot like me).

I was feeling happy after splurging on a new makeup set from Revolution. In particular, I love the glass skin primer (you can purchase it here from Revolution). It’s absolutely gorgeous and gives you a flawless and dewy complexion. I would absolutely recommend the Glass Skin Range. I also went for a double-winged eyeliner for a change.

Anyway, many blessings for the Snow Moon and the month ahead. I shared my thoughts on the star gazing Aquarius aura last week, (you can read that post here). February has always been my favourite month as an Aquarius.

Wishing you harmony, love and ambition for the full moon. Let your emotions flow and comfort you in the glow of the Snow Moon. Nothing else heals like the moonlight.


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