I thought I’d write a post today about how using bloggers to promote products online, can increase sales and encourage business growth. It’s also a great way to drum up support across social media platforms and gets your brand noticed. Which is good, particularly for new businesses.

There are many reasons why you should hire bloggers, but first I want to share a bit about Get Blogged (find them on LinkedIn here)

Firstly, I’m an affiliate for them because I love what they do. As a blogger, it’s a reliable way to find work. But what can they do for your business? Well, Get Blogged offer a reliable place for you to advertise blogger outreach and the best part? They take the hassle out of looking for bloggers and their service is completely free to advertise on.

Get Blogged mainly work with nano-influencers- but you can be really thorough with what you’re searching for. So if you wanted someone with more than 2000 followers on Instagram for example, just ask for it- and the great part about working with nano-influencers is the price. It costs considerably less and they usually have a small but more engaged audience (which means more sales).

I’ve already covered the basics between influencers and Nano-influencers in my post 5 ways to find good Bloggers (you can read that here).

Get Blogged is an online hub for businesses to advertise outreach work for bloggers. You can advertise for free and the service cost is commissioned from the bloggers, not you.

They don’t yet allow gifted opportunities, you have to pay the bloggers something for their services, but you can, however, combine your product/ service with your advert to charge much less.

Get Blogged will give you advice on what you should charge but you ultimately choose how much you want to pay.

This is great for small businesses, businesses that are just starting out and even businesses with a larger budget. You can really have control over how much you spend on advertising.

You can sign up to Get Blogged for free, here.

So how can you hire bloggers help to Grow your business?

Bloggers are people who review products online. They use a combination of written words, images and videos to sell products.

While YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are the largest social media platforms online, with videos of people using products still being the highest way of making sales online- because let’s face it, it works! See someone drinking a Costa– now you want one, don’t you?

While videos of products are still the largest way to make sales, written reviews are still incredibly effective. A huge proportion of customers read reviews before purchasing from a brand. This is why businesses should really focus on their brand awareness.

What’s great about Get Blogged is that you can ask for a personalised service. For example, you could request that the blogger post 3 videos of them using your product on Instagram, a written post and the links to which products you would like them to promote.

You could even send them the product to review and charge the blogger much less for a lot more work.

What sort of price should I charge a blogger?

Well, this does of course depend on many things. Firstly, you want to make sure you are working with a reliable blogger, again my post 5 ways to Find good bloggers covers this.

Secondly, you want to check things such as a bloggers DA. A Domain Authority is essentially how highly the website ranks on google. It is something that improves with time depending on the building of backlinks and how long the site has been running. The DA is a score out of 100, with 1 being bad and 100 outstanding.

My site for example has a DA of 63 which is high, so I typically charge £100 – £150 per article, although I have charged more.

If you work with a much lower DA of 10 for example you could expect to charge around £20. This is because the higher the DA the more likely your article is likely to be seen when somebody searches for a product review of your product.

Something else to consider is hiring someone that knows about SEO research- as this is really important but also challenging. Again this is something you’d expect when paying more.

You may also want to consider their social media platforms, for example, how many followers they have and can therefore promote your product to. Also their email list. An email list is a highly effective and free way to advertise. So if a blogger has a large email list, expect to pay more.

Don’t worry though if you don’t know what to charge. Get Blogged will guide you through the process and recommend to you what you should charge.

If you’re new to blogger outreach, I’d highly recommend Get Blogged. They make the process of searching for bloggers so easy for you.

It’s also a free platform to advertise giving new businesses a chance to start building an online presence and reputation, for considerably less.

Join Get Blogged today and start making sales from blogger outreach. What are you waiting for?

Thanks for reading, for more information on bloggers, you can view my YouTube video about where to find good bloggers here.


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