Whether you’re in a relationship or not, here are 5 steps to self-care this Valentine’s day, because how can you love someone else, if you don’t love yourself? Here’s my post on how to focus on yourself this Valentine’s Day.

I really can’t believe it’s only been a year since last Valentine’s day. My life was phenomenally different back then, a lot has changed but I thought I’d still share my post from last year American Pancake Stack for Valentine’s Day Breakfast.

He loves me, He loves me not… Actually, who cares?

1. Getting a good nights Sleep

So I know this sounds pretty basic but seriously sleep is so important. It’s top of my list this week which means absolutely no alcohol, camomile tea and meditation. Firstly, I am having a spiritual bath tonight, (to read a list of spiritual bath ingredients click here.)

Spiritual baths differ from candlelit bubbles and a glass of champers in the sense that they’re more about cleansing your aura and negativity, as opposed to relaxing, although those are good too. They involve salts, healing crystals and flower essences.

I was reading Jasperden Health Blog this morning and she shared a post on CBD bath bombs, you read about them by clicking here. I also think this would be an awesome idea. You get five in a pack from body and mind botanicals.

After 10 minutes of meditation each night to switch off from my technology-based work, I will be sipping camomile tea and stepping up my face care routine with some new serums I’ve ordered. Afterwards, I’ll be using lavender spray on my pillows and putting effort into getting some beauty sleep.

I’m also making an effort to cut out caffeine from my diet and have a coffee detox. This should help me get my dream sleep. I’m also now an affiliate for Sleep Happy- so if you’re looking for a new mattress or bed don’t forget to read my article about Sleep Happy by clicking here. (I’ve also got an exclusive £50 discount to share with my followers)

2. Ditching Sugar

So I know Valentine’s day is all about the Chocolate, I’m not saying don’t have any, but personally, after the stress of Christmas, I have been indulging in way too much Chocolate recently.

Other than the obvious, such as skin breakouts and weight gain, sugar can cause huge slumps in energy. so I’m ditching the sugar in exchange for healthy food, rainbow veg meals, pulses and protein to balance my chakras, giving me the nutritional value that’s needed to keep my mind and body healthy.

To read my post on natural face masks you can make at home to combat breakouts, click here. I’d also recommend Dew’s Natural and Vegan Skincare range. Ditch the sugar, exercise, eat healthily and get energised.

3. Get Creative

Whether it’s cooking a new recipe, sculpture, abstract painting, crafts or journaling. Find a way to channel that negativity and emotion into creativity. For example, I’ve recently started a wood carving class, it’s random but it’s been ages since I learned a new skill.

Some of my best creativity has developed during my biggest downtimes. Creativity gives you an outlet to vent and is a way to process emotions. Last year, I worked non-stop on my photography as a way of dealing with a relationship ending.

In particular, my posts love is blind by design, passion is only temporary after all, and rose of thorns showcase this as I share my thoughts on love, depression and creativity.

4. Use Mantras

If you don’t use affirmations already, this week would be a great week to start. I love this cute little deck of cards from mal paper, they’re super cute and travel size so you can take them wherever you go. They’re great to take out while drinking a coffee or even take them on a Gal-entine’s night.

They also have a range of journals that come in handy for journaling your feelings and contain little affirmations. Sometimes negative thoughts can really get on top of you and drag you down, learn to retrain your mind to think positively. You can visit the Mal Paper store by clicking the image below.

5. Take yourself on a Date

So if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Gal-entine’s day this year, it doesn’t matter. We could all do with some TLC after last year. Go out on your own this week and treat yourself to a date.

Whether it’s a spa day, shopping or eating popcorn and watching a horror film at the cinema, go all out and treat yourself to something you love- whatever floats your boat.

Personally, if I could afford it, I would go on holiday, do some impromptu travelling alone, but, for now, a date with myself will have to do. It’s exactly what I need to remember I deserve the best, deserve to be treated kindly and am allowed some treats every now and again. Even a work-a-holic needs a little time off.

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Sending some love out there.


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