Invaluable Valentine and the Purple Mist

So it’s been a while since I shared a photography post, seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day I thought I’d share a post today, seeing as love is my biggest inspiration, creatively.

I read somewhere earlier that sexual people are healing and that spiritual healers are sexual people, it makes people crave them- because it heals… It kind of made me think of cult leaders at first, it sounded kind of wrong, but then again Marvin Gaye did sing about it, so who knows? Maybe there’s some logic to it.

I have discussed hypersexuality before on this blog but that’s kind of different. I wanted to look at love today because that’s something everyone experiences in this life.

I know that love can be cruel, a poison-filled rage and passion all mixed into one bottle. As for it being Valentine’s Day today, I woke up with dark thoughts in my mind. It was like an intoxicating obsession, love can so easily cross the boundaries of hate, can’t it? Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference. Hate consumes us in the same way.

I guess I sound a little emo, I know that love can be uplifting and gentle and encouraging also. It can be kind and compassionate, but underneath that, there is a sinister side to love. Something we forebode as unspeakable, and yet it is invaluable to our soul bond with another.

My mind is whirling so fast today, it’s chaotic-ly charming. It’s like someone has lit a bonfire in my mind and it’s difficult to get my thoughts into words when I get like this. Photography is a quick release for my difficult thoughts. Sometimes they hold me captive.

Love can be lustful, and vengeful with hate, yet mirrored by beauty, warmth and delight.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the sacredness of space recently. The warmth of intimacy and how fingers running down your spine can cause such electricity. How the closeness of another human can conjure such feelings deep within a soul. The lingering of each breath on the neck and how the skin is the biggest organ of all.

Why do we put so much focus on our imperfections instead of paying attention to the connection? If I could just shut my mind out completely and focus on the present moment, I would find the ultimate bliss. That heartbeat in front of me.

If I could only let go and delicately place my hand into the unfathomable unknown -to feel so completely connected.

Truly, we can never understand someone else’s mind, the only one we’ll ever understand is our own. Our life is a delicate impression of how we imprint and perceive the world. So why do we fall in love with another, if we cannot read the world with their mind?

Is that what makes love so chemical, unbalanced and exciting?

Soul-Bonded Valentine

Our hearts are awash with a chemical glaze,

A foreign place for my mind that’s in a daze,

Don’t you think that in the fleeting moment,

Reality beats hard like an injured heart?

And suddenly our numbed impulses meet,

From across the room I hear your heartbeat,

Like a rush of blood travelling down the spine,

Electricity like yours, was made for mine.

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone…

Keep on loving,


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