Yesterday was the start of dreamy Pisces season. I wanted to do a blog post sooner, but there’s always something about this time of year that rubs me the wrong way a little. Maybe it’s because Pisces is such a vivid dreamer- I always find the transition a little intense.

Last year I posted my 90s Grunge and a lush spiritual bath post. I was feeling a little strange then too, come to think of it…

Spiritual baths are a great way to cleanse your aura and release negative vibes. I like hemp oil, roses and orange slices in mine with some Himalayan salt and amethyst. For a list of ingredients and inspiration be sure to read my post, you can view it here.

Anyway, as we drift in Pisces season I’m feeling quite chilled, I’m enjoying alone time and sipping camomile tea- I can’t get enough of the stuff. I seem a little detached recently, but I think that’s to do with my new found determination to continue with blogging.

I’ve been listening to positive affirmation meditation sessions at night before I go to sleep and do you know something? It really seems to be having an effect. I would recommend them if you find it difficult to get to sleep (as with the Camomile tea). I quite like the music too. There’s some good ones on YouTube.

Actually, when it comes to music I haven’t been listening to much of it other than the songs I listen to on Instagram- when I’m editing videos. Is it just me or does the editing process ruin your favourite songs? I’ve started using music I don’t like just so I don’t get sick of my favourites!

I recently purchased a huge haul of serums from Amazon, I figured seeing as it was my birthday month, (shout out to my friend who told me I could have an entire month for my birthday if I wanted to) I deserved some treats.

I’m loving this lip pouty stuff by Derol I was really excited about trying this. I keep seeing it advertised everywhere, one of the downsides to being on social media all day everyday, I’m a sucker for ads.

So far I’m liking it, you can really feel it tingle when you apply it (daytime) it feels like chilli and tasted like it too (I wouldn’t recommend having a drink for twenty mins after you apply it). It takes three minutes to get really pouty lips then I wipe it off and apply lipstick.

You could just leave it on though it looks like lip gloss. I just prefer bright lips. The night time one doesn’t tingle it’s just really moisturising. I think it’s natural ingredients, so I’d recommend it.

It doesn’t last all day so I do like to reapply it in the evening if I’m going out, but it might improve over time. Still though, for such a little product it really packs a punch. I was surprised how well it works.


New Instagram strategy

So I decided to start a new account for Instagram which solely focuses on business strategy, side-hustle tips and positive motivation for self-employment. You can add me here. (It would be greatly appreciated).

I think mainly because I wanted something a little more professional. I’m still keeping my main account for photography and lifestyle purposes but to be honest, I mainly use it for recreational purposes.

I really enjoy the creative aspect of making reels, video editing and of course sharing my strangeness with people in a positive way. It’s definitely a confidence boost and when you spend 80% of your time on social media I guess it’s a little bit social for me too.

I’m not saying all the video editing experience hasn’t been useful, it has, so I’m not going to say it was a waste of time, but I’m hoping to build up this new account much quicker. I also have stocks of pre- made content which is super useful. I’m just using it in a different way.

I’ve linked my new Instagram account to my Facebook page so that I can save some time by just posting on Instagram now. My aim is to make three reels a day and upload one post daily.

Each post is going to provide useful information or something motivational. I’m hoping by producing content others are more likely to share it should help my account to grow quickly.

I’m solely focusing on the promotion of my blog. I think I got a little lost with my first account. I lost direction and motivation with it. It also didn’t get me the traffic I was after so hence the new strategy.

The inspiration behind this one is similar to my Facebook page, motivation and inspiration- and to prove that others can start a business too. Show a gal some love and give me a follow across my sites if you haven’t already.

I’ll be sure to post my findings soon!

I’ve also jumped back into my Pinterest strategy after having a little break over Christmas. If you’d like to read my post ‘Party Frocks and my new Pinterest strategy’ you can read that here.

Anyway, that’s my little update for now, enjoy Pisces season. Happy birthday to all my beautiful Pisces out there! ❤️


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