Down a Dress size and Cute in Corduroy

I’m curvy and I love it, but recently I’ve lost a little bit of weight and I’m happy about it. Apart from being engaged, and the ever looming idea that I now have to fit into a wedding dress at some point, it’s a sign that I’m getting my fitness back, which is something that took a backseat when I started my blog!

All those hours I have poured into blogging, wasn’t exactly good for my waistline. However, I’ve also noticed that as I’ve cut down on drinking, I’ve started loosing weight. Not that the main benefit of cutting down on alcohol is weight loss of course, but it’s a cheeky little extra, you have to admit.

I’ve also noticed a change in my complexion and the new boundless amounts of energy, which is great for running a business- especially one focused around social media. The down side of course to running an online business is that it’s stressful, time consuming, a daily practice and I find it hard to switch off at the end of the day.

I love what I do, I don’t think it would work otherwise, although I think the combination of being self-employed, wondering where my next pay check will come from and my relentless pursuit not to fail, sometimes leads me to being a little to over the top, obsessive almost. Perhaps you could even say manic?

I have to remind myself sometimes to stop using social media, (as does my partner) it’s a little addictive to say the least. I’m a perfectionist anyway, but I find it hard to press the post button on social media and move on, so sometimes I spend way too much time on individual posts.

As I’ve stepped up my blogging schedule, deciding to really go for it, I’ve also started a new Pinterest account and Instagram account at the same time- which are just focused on my blog! It’s a little ambitious, I know.

As for how long I spend on each post, I’ve realised that I’m going to have to be quicker, if I want to make my new schedule work for me.

So I’ve started setting little alarms on my phone to remind me to either switch social media platforms or switch off at the end of the day. As my partner pointed out to me, if I don’t find sometime to chill out, I’m heading for a burn out…

As we’ve moved into Pisces season I’ve decided to really upgrade my health also. I’m taking daily supplements and vitamins (I’m an affiliate for Focus supplements, so I’m obviously going to recommend them- they’re really awesome and available on Amazon, so free delivery for Prime members. You can read my post about Focus supplements here).

I’ve written many posts on the topic of my curves, from cute confidence, petite and winning to 7 ways to own your confidence, so I feel like a bit of a hypocrite posting about weight loss, but seeing as it comes from a positive life change such as dramatically reducing alcohol intake, I think I’ll share it as something positive today…

Recovery feels good ❤️


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