A trip to the Ouseburn and Kannakan CBD review…

The Ouseburn in Newcastle is a kind of a creative hub of culture and music. It’s like a kaleidoscope of art. If you are visiting Newcastle for the nightlife, the Ouseburn is somewhere I’d recommend checking out. I loved wandering around here the other day, I was as happy as could be, although maybe that was the KannaKan CBD in my system…

Named the Ouseburn because of the river that runs through it, they’ve got everything from live music at The Cluny, to raves at Hoult’s Yard, art exhibitions and so much more, for a full list of events, check out The Ouseburn website.

Through the day there are still activities to do here, from cute little cafes to good food and bars, art studios, galleries and for the little ones there’s horse riding to the Seven Stories (a great place for kids who love to read)- there’s even a petting zoo, called Byker farm.

If you’re looking for a vibrant slice of Newcastle, the Ouseburn has something for everyone. I really enjoyed my day wandering around, although it was a little nippy. I feel like it’s been ages since I went for a wander with my camera to gather some footage.

I’m a summer gal without a doubt however I love the freshness of winter. It’s difficult to motivate myself to go out and photograph when the weather is like this, but when I do go out I enjoy it. I’ve also been sent some awesome CBD products to review from KannaKan so I thought I’d share that with you also…

I’ve been trying the products for a week and I’ve noticed a huge shift in my mood and motivation. I’ve also started a new Instagram account that focuses on my blog so be sure to check that out and give me a follow. Help a Gal out! Here’s a little reel I made of my trip to the Ouseburn.

Some Shots of the Ouseburn

So I’ve been stepping up my filming game recently. I’ve decided to actually use the qualification I have in film for the first time in flipping ages. I still love photography, I just get a little bored sometimes of doing the same thing, so it’s nice to be focusing on a new skill and I feel like I’ve got my inspiration back.

Plus it’s great for my new Instagram account- I’m even loving rehashing old content in a new way. I did grab a few photographs though so I thought I share them with you…

CBD by Kannakan review

So the three products I chose from Kannakan were ones that I thought would give me a good range of the products they have available. I use CBD quite often so I guess I’m a little biased- I certainly think it works. I use hemp oil in my bath, CBD oil as a face serum and take CBD orally to help with anxiety and depression.

CBG Isolate

The first product I tried was the CBG isolate powder priced at £11.99 for 1 gram, it comes in a cute little pot with a twistable lid, I absolutely love the packaging. It’s portable unlike the glass bottles with pipets and a metal scoop arrived with it so you can easily scoop some out and place some under your tongue.

Like most CBD products, it’s taken orally. However, CBG is a little different to CBD. The main difference is appetite stimulation. The exemption of THC also it’s great for people who want to avoid a high.

If you take CBG with CBD products together it produces what’s known as the ‘entourage effect’ which makes them work better.

CBG is thought to be great for a number of conditions such as IBS, anxiety, eczema, depression and even insomnia.

You can purchase it here.

20 % Full Spectrum CBD oil

The full-spectrum oil is £39.99 for 2000MG in a 10ml bottle. You should place a few drops under your tongue for 60 seconds and allow your body to absorb it as this is the most effective way to do so.

It’s also THC free and potent. There’s a lot of punch in a small little bottle. However, because of the presence of MCT oil be careful not to leave it in sunlight as it will turn purple.

You can use full-spectrum oil in cooking- although avoid heat as it kills the benefits and makes it taste really bitter. Aim for things like salad dressings, humous or adding it to things when they been cooked.

You can purchase full-spectrum oil here.

Diamonds in Sauce

Finally, I chose diamonds in sauce, priced at £24.99 for 1 gram. This is one of the strongest and purest forms of CBD available and it’s smoked via a bong typically. It’s 100% pure extract and probably a preferred way for smokers.

I love the cute pot it comes in and if you’re looking for CBD in its purest form this would be my choice. Just be sure to keep it sealed as it evaporates.

You can purchase diamonds in sauce here.

Overall these items are excellent quality. I think they’re reasonably priced for the quality of the product also and would really recommend you try these if you’re a fan of CBD.


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