Rejuvenation for the Spring Equinox

With the start of spring on the horizon, I thought I’d write a post about rejuvenation and self-care today. As the winter ends and life starts to burst around us, just like the bulbs underground that have sprouted and now are beginning to surface, peaking their heads above the soil, I am reminded of the importance of new-new beginnings and the start of new cycles that invite us to start afresh.

Spring reminds me of many things, delicate flowers buds searching for the light, bluebells, newborn lambs learning to walk and of course, the glorious sunshine that marks the end of winter.

One of my favourite times to visit the countryside in England is spring. It’s a magical time to go walking in the countryside and take in the stunning beauty of the rolling hills, peaks and majestic valleys.

There are so many reasons to enjoy spring and of course who can forget the term spring clean- it clears the mind and soothes the soul. Change is of course the only constant in life and new beginnings are needed to stop life from becoming stagnant and stale.

I wrote a post about the autumn equinox last year which talked about the start of a shift in seasons, the end of vibrant summer and the beginning of winter. There are so many cool things about Autumn, but spring is pretty awesome too. It’s a time for hope and renewal.

So here are my 10 rejuvenation tips this spring.

10 Springtime Rejuvenation Tips

1. Clean

The phenomenon of spring cleaning happens around the globe, so this one is obvious, but cleaning has long been a tradition of springtime. Originally it started to clean the suit away from the fires of winter. Cleaning is therapeutic so there are many reasons why we still clean today.

However cleaning doesn’t have to just pertain to something physical, it can be applied to the mind too. Clear out negative thoughts, clean up bad habits. There are so many ways we can clean and that is why cleaning is so important.

2. Re-decorate and re- arrange

I love to re-arrange my furniture regularly, but decorating not so much. However, nothing makes me happier than a vibrant fresh new look. I spend most of my time at home, as I work from home so I find moving furniture around helps to create a fresh new feel.

I also like to invest in new furniture, for example, last year I bought a new bed, which made a big difference to my bedroom, freeing up loads of new space with under bed storage and it also gave me an awesome night’s sleep! I love these storage beds from Bedstar (click here to view them). They also have double divian beds available which I think are simply stunning.

3. Garden party and spring cocktails

Who wouldn’t want a garden party after the pandemic? Celebrate spring with loved ones, even if you don’t have a garden. Meet up in the park or even invest in some new house plants. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to house plants, have a garden party indoors! Mix things up a bit.

You could also make some springtime infused cocktails. Follow my cocktail recipe board on Pinterest here.

4. Start a Drawing Journal

So journaling is good for documenting how you feel and processing feelings. It’s something absolutely everybody can do, and the benefits are awesome, but why not try something creative this spring and try a drawing journal instead?

Why not draw how you feel or what you’re thinking about, instead of writing? Not good at drawing go for something abstract- use colours to share how you feel. I absolutely love to look at drawing journals and it’s my goal to start one this spring!

5. Repeat positive affirmations

Re-train your membrane and practice positive affirmations this spring, guaranteed to bring positivity into your life and to make yourself feel good, positive affirmations are a must as we being a new cycle. Spring clean your mind!

6. Detox

Make sometime to get healthy this spring, try fruit smoothies and chia porridge bowls for breakfast., cut down on alcohol and minimise your sugar intake. Take the start of spring as a new chance to rejuvenate and get healthy.

Indulge in exercise and try some vegan cuisine. You have the power to make a change in your life so why not go for it. I’ve been getting into yoga and gentle stretching every morning and I’m loving it.

7. Invest in something new

So I bought both my kid’s new beds last week and they absolutely love them. It’s amazing how one piece of furniture can make such a huge difference to your home. Look at this gorgeous selection of kids beds from Bedstar, click here to view. I love the bunk beds for kids.

They also have a huge selection of mattresses available, I know I talk about it all the time but seriously a new mattresses make such a difference for a good nights sleep! Check out this selection of double beds. They also have a range of bed sizes available.

Either way invest in something new for spring and treat yourself.

8. Plant a garden

So I mentioned garden parties earlier which are fun, it’s important to have fun, but nothing is more therapeutic than gardening! So why not plant a garden this spring?

Get your hands dirty, buy colourful flowers and watch your garden and all that hard work flourish in the summer. Gardening is so rewarding.

9. Go on holiday

So I think just about everyone can’t wait to go on holiday this year, however, the UK is still an amazing place to explore. Why not book a cute little Airbnb this spring and enjoy the English springtime!

10. Bake a cake

Spring is all about sweet treats so why not bake a cake. Baking is another therapeutic thing that you can share with others. Why not go further and bake a CBD cake? Share the happiness. To read my CBD review click here.

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