Springtime procrastination, an awakening from a deep sleep…

I’m procrastinating this springtime morning- instead, I’m being drawn to the lyrics of music. I get like that occasionally, buzzing with thoughts but unable to focus. I usually wake up with song lyrics stuck in my head, or sometimes poetry…

This morning in particular I was in a vintage mood. I kept thinking of songs about seasons changing. Maybe it’s the distant hum of war or the words that seem to be circling on everyone’s lips but the sixties, in particular, seem humbling right now, now more than ever. Make love, not war.

Sometimes the constant rush of social media gets a little toxic, so yesterday I went for a walk in the countryside with my little girl. I was in absolute awe, the sun was pouring down from the vivid blue sky. It felt warm on my skin, and I finally took my coat off outdoors. It was the first of the springtime sunshine and oh, how I have missed the sun.

“Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces

Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here”

Here comes the Sun, The Beatles

I woke up after such a deep sleep feeling replenished. I have been taking my CBD oil and CBG powder from Kannakan (read my review here) daily and my sleep is really improving. Often, when I’m stressed I get bouts of insomnia, but, I must admit the CBD is really helping.

The freedom from the shackles of constantly feeling tired has left me with an unfathomable amount of energy, so much so, I don’t know what to do with it all.

Channelling my Springtime energy

Creatively, I have been channelling my energy into my new Instagram account recently. I love the way it is developing. I feel like I’ve had a sudden brainwave or something and now how a clear direction for it. You can follow it here.

Part of the aim behind it, is obviously, to share my love of blogging- and encourage others to do it also, but secondly, I decided I wanted to start sharing my daily life. I wanted to share the process of blogging, what goes into it, my journey with blogging and what I actually do on a daily basis- I kind of got sick of people telling me blogging wasn’t a real job and that my business wasn’t legit!

It’s been really refreshing having a new project to focus on. I feel like I’ve got my zest for life back and my passion for what I do has been restored.

It’s not even about ambition anymore, I feel like I am transitioning into a new phase of my life, a lot like the changing seasons. My pride is irrelevant, I know I’m being seen, so now I must focus on what good I can do with that. Instead, I am passionate about self-fulfilment and personal growth.

How can I improve today? What can I achieve? I am walking at last into the springtime of my life and I feel optimistic about my future, whatever it may bring…

The March of the daffodils…

The call of spring has sung its song,

And in the auburn Sunshine, I roam,

Vividly gazing upon daffodils fondly,

As the cycle of life plays out before me,

And colours like the changing seasons,

Little yellow flames of petals ablaze,

Sprightly walking a path of inner light,

Dancing delightedly until the dawn,

My feet they tread along the earth,

As bluebells sprout from the ground,

The beauty I envision is all around.

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Springtime new beginnings.


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