The White Fang Beanie of Complex energies as we start a new astrological Year

So the full moon in Virgo is happening tomorrow, it’s also thought to be the start of the new astrological year soon. This full moon is thought to have a strong impact on us so get prepared!

With a focus on shedding what no longer serves us, cleansing our lives of negative energies for the year ahead and getting in touch with our mind, body and soul – it may be a little complex.

Watch out for any hidden emotions, they may wish to burst out under the lunar flare. This moon would be a good time to focus on relaxing. It’s also a good time to create a schedule, true Virgo style to efficiently manage your time- make sure to include some relaxation time in there too.

You want to avoid any burnouts with fiery Aries season on the horizon. Prepare for battles (figuratively speaking, I hope) that may lay ahead as we leave the dreamy Pisces realm and into something more strategical and fast-paced.

As I briefly mentioned in my previous post, be careful not to overwork yourself and make sure you set clear boundaries with loved ones, workspaces and even employees!

Don’t sacrifice yourself for others and neglect to put yourself first. You can do more for people if you are replenished.

As we move into the new astrological year, with the moon being in Virgo a little while longer you may also want to ask yourself – are you are being too critical about yourself? And are you being too much of a perfectionist?

Perfectionism can hold you back so be careful not to let it take control.

Bad hair day beanie from Whitefangx

I got sent these cute clothes to model on Instagram so I thought I’d share them with you. They’re not my usual style but seeing as we’re under a full moon and being emotional is kind of a must I thought it was a perfect time for some Emo.

According to Pinterest predicts, goth is making a comeback this year- oh my goth!

I always find Pinterest predictions so interesting. It’s like they can tell the future!

Anyway, I love the evil-looking nurse on my t-shirt in anime style. I figured beautiful Virgo is the nurse of the Zodiac so it seemed fitting- in a dark and ironic way, seeing as we’ve just come out of a Pandemic. You can shop Whitefangx here.

I didn’t pay for these- so I’m not sure about the price but it seems pretty reasonable and the delivery was super fast.

Thanks for reading,

Prepare your master plan for the start of the new astrological year.

Watch out for the asteroid of Aphrodite, she’s sensual, bohemian and free-loving. But more on that soon. 😉


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