Have you finished University or College? Are you wondering what to do next? Well here’s 5 reasons why you should start an Internship with the Beyond Academy in London during 2022…

Seeing as it’s the year of the Tiger, 2022 is already set to be an auspicious year, one where you should have that go-getter attitude and the boldness of a Tiger…

Based in London’s eclectic City Centre (read my travel post about London here), the Beyond Academy offers an amazing variety of Internships in fields, such as accounting, business, fashion, architecture, engineering and more…

Here’s 5 reasons why internships are an awesome thing you should do in 2022…

1. You get to live the London Life

So after the doom and gloom of the past two years- I don’t even want to mention the pandemic, (oops) who wants to get a job at home after University? As 2022 is set to be bursting with vibrancy and life, after the dull escapades of the last two years, why wouldn’t you want to move to London and live the London life?

There is such a huge range of Internships available – and after a hard days work you can join the London culture scene, and then chill out in your swanky London pad.

All accommodation is located near public transport, with an estimated travel time of 30-60 minutes commute (which is good for London) there’s also communal shared spaces with private bedrooms that provide bedding and Wifi- what’s not to love?

2. You can Give your career and awesome Kick-Start

Hello? Are you looking for an awesome experience to add to your CV? I mean having a degree is good and all- but have you thought about kick starting your career with an Internship with the Beyond Academy?

Not only will you learn essential experience in your chosen field, with the Beyond Academy, but you’ll also get references and an understanding for the role you want to work in, in the future.

This will make the interview process for your next job application so much easier because you’ll already be ahead of the game, and an internship will also give you valuable refences to beat the competition. Hello, new career that’s beyond your dreams…

3. You’ll meet some amazing new people

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So I’m guessing if you’ve read this far you’ll be attracted to the London life, whether your an introvert, extrovert or somewhere in the middle, London is a big and busy place- it can be a little over-whelming at first and it’s hard to meet new people!

Taking an Internship will not only introduce you to people that love what they do for a career- they will have some valuable advice for you, so networking will be useful! You will also get to stay in student accommodation and get to make amazing some new friends.

This will make day trips around London a little less scary as you settle in to find the best nightlife, restaurants and so much more. The capital city literally has everything, it’s so much fun!

4. You’ll be given lot’s of support during your Internship

If you’re the type of person who lacks a bit of confidence, this will be amazing for you. Other than some amazing free stuff that come with an internship, such as the Beyond welcome bag, Visa support, free SIM card and Airport Travel. They also give you a structured package with 24- hour support.

You’ll be given a welcome meeting with an orientation, bi- weekly community dinners, local trips and excursions, an exciting schedule of extra- curricular events, followed by a farewell dinner.

During your internship you will receive an immersive workshop in your chosen field. CV support, to build a phenomenal CV. Curated online courses and tools you can use to get the most out of your Internship, and finally a Beyond Academy recognised certificate of excellence.

With all of these things that are offered by the Beyond Academy you’ll be sure to build your confidence in no time.

5. You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime

Not only will you kick-start your way to your chosen career, you’ll get to take in the sights and the magic of London. There are over 300 languages in multi-cultural London, so no matter where you’re from, I’m sure you’ll feel at home.

Beyond Academy also have 14 global sites world-wide, from Bangkok to San Francisco, you can check those out by clicking here.

You’ll gain experience while making memories you’ll talk about for years to come, not to mention how much you will impress your future bosses!

To view Beyond Academy’s Internship price list, click here.

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