I had a beautiful weekend with my daughter this weekend exploring art galleries in the sunshine, spring time was in the air. We even caught the Holi festival of colours at the Baltic on Gateshead Quayside.

I really loved experiencing a bit of Indian culture, I’ve always looked at photographs of paint throwing and thought it looked like fun so I was over the moon to participate in one. The Baltic always has some amazing events on and celebrates diversity and multi-culturalism. An absolute must if you’re ever in Newcastle-upon-tyne.

A celebration of colours, Holi, marks the start of spring and is an occasion of happiness, a playful Hindu festival of vibrancy and love. Hinduism is of course the oldest religion in the world and is the source of many things such as yoga, symbolism in the preforming arts and even sacred baths.

Dance, music and the arts of course all originated from Hinduism, so I loved that my daughter took part in the dancing and paint throwing. I shared my day on Instagram, as I now have a new Instagram account that focuses on my blogging journey and daily life as a blogger, so don’t forget to follow me if you’d like to know more.

Something else that originated from Hinduism is of course Karma, the idea of what goes around comes around. As we begin the new astrological year and transition into spring I am feeling drawn to go within for deeper introspection and healing.

What people put out into the universe is of their own making, their own vibration so I am taking time to simply focus on myself instead. I have been meditating daily as we begin Aries season and listening to positive podcasts and repeating positive affirmations.

I was overjoyed to have caught the Holi festival of colours at the Baltic centre for contemporary arts (I blog about this place a lot). Here are some shots from our little day out. A taste of India on Gateshead Quayside..


Thanks for reading, stay peaceful and throw paint.


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