I am absolutely delighted to be reviewing this bouquet from Haute Florists. What a delight it is to have my home filled with the sweet scent of springtime flowers. I was sent the Paris Bouquet filled with Oriental Stargazer Lillies, deep purple Roses and white Chrysanthemums

I think the relaxing fragrance has really helped to clear some creative blocks at the moment because my creativity seems to be blooming right now! I’ve been getting creative on Instagram and Pinterest so I’m really grateful to have been sent these flowers.

If you suffer from allergies, this may not be the best bouquet for you, just to give you a heads up. The fragrance is pretty strong. Oriental lilies such as Stargazer lilies are very fragrant, people either tend to adore their intense fragrance or not so much. Sensitivity to the smell can cause headaches. So if this sounds like you be sure to purchase something subtle such as Daffodils instead…

But, if you’re like me and you love the smell of fresh flowers, I think these would be the perfect purchase for an Easter centrepiece, a generous gift or just an indulgent self splurge.

Currently priced at £35 for a standard bouquet, these are big enough to stand out. However, there are larger options available if you’d prefer.

Unboxing my Bouquet…

The bouquet arrived in this gorgeous big box, it provides plenty of space for the flowers at the top to ensure they arrive undamaged and looking beautiful. Inside the box, there are two sachets of plant food, a care guide for your chosen bouquet, a ribbon and a carry bag, so they are perfect if you want to give them as a gift.

The flower packaging is all in black which I adore, it gives them a modern look. The ribbon is also black with contrasting white writing. Minimalist design and professional-looking packaging make these flowers stand out.

You can also get free delivery for Easter and an extra £5 off! Order by 10PM to get free next day delivery.

It took my Lllies three days to open and a little sunshine on the windowsill. The fragrance is still just as fresh and the colours are pretty and pink. They will make the perfect centrepiece on my table this Easter…

I reviewed my unboxing on Instagram… Follow me for more.

I lost one rose due to my three-year-old daughter, who was very excited about the bouquet and accidentally snapped one, so I decided to use it in some photography…

Afterwards, I made some Rosewater with the petals, it would be perfect to use as a natural toner.

I simply submerged the petals in boiling water until the petals were just covered. I then covered the container with a lid and allowed the leaves to infuse the water for a few hours. Later that evening I added the petals and rosewater to my bath. We’re not wasteful in this house…

I absolutely love my Paris Bouquet and my Stargazing Oriental Lillies… They’re perfect.

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