The Libra moon is shining brightly this Easter, and as the Pink Moon hums its presence over us all, I am being guided to go within and meditate. I’ve been listening to sound healing meditation music this morning. It was much needed- Inner work is the most important.

I had a busy couple of weeks, including a meeting with the BBC which was a little surreal. My partner John, husband-to-be was being interviewed about depression in young males.

As the North East of England has one of the highest rates of male suicide in the UK, they wanted to showcase that there are many cases of young males who are depressed- and aren’t asking for the help they need.

I loved that I got to be a part of that and was so proud of John for speaking out about his depression and mental health issues. it’s such a difficult topic to talk about. When I started my blog I was inspired by mental health so this was a fitting experience and hopefully, he can inspire others to get the help they need.

I also took part in a course about domestic violence, learning about the stigma survivors face, it inspired me to start creating a series of pins which I will upload to Pinterest next month.

Family wise, I have been loving spending time with my kids. I think after a couple of really busy weeks some downtime was really appreciated. My beautiful bouquet is blooming and has filled my home with the sweet scent of Lilies (you can read my review here).

This Easter I am focusing on inner work and enjoying taking things slowly. There’s a lot of female energy in the sky right now. The Libra full moon and the Taurus solar eclipse are ruled by Venus, which is nurturing, playful and caring.

I’ve also been focusing on health recently, I’ve been taking my B Vitamins, vitamin D and K2 and Ginseng extract. I can honestly say that vitamins are having the most amazing effect on me. Not only is my skin getting better, but my mood has also lifted and I have more energy.

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Enjoy your Easter everyone, many cosmic blessings to you all…

Thanks for reading,


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