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An Interview with CoLab featured in December 2021
What inspired you to start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?

SM: I’ve had several blogs over the years – because I love writing I always come back to it, but Starting Today was different, I wanted to turn my blog into a business, so that’s what I did. I combined my writing skills with my passion for photography to turn my passion project into a profitable side-hustle.  

How did COVID-19 change the way you blog?
SM: Covid-19 was actually the reason I started my blog, I was a chef before the Pandemic which meant I couldn’t work anymore. The pandemic forced me to stop and slow down and realise that I was living life way too fast.

My blog focuses on mindfulness and learning to slow down – you can still be successful at business without rushing around being ‘busy’ all the time. It’s really changed my life and now I love it, I want to inspire others to do the same. All this constant ‘go’ isn’t good for people. 

Why should we read your blog?

SM: I write about many topics on my blog and publish some amazing guest posts also. There’s always something new to read and I post two new posts per week.

Such as?

SM: I share social media tips that I’ve tried and tested, how I’ve turned my blog into a business, creative photography posts with some deep thoughts and I also share my love for astrology.

I truly believe that creativity is important and that you should be able to express yourself – in fact, it’s a basic right!

I used to think that creativity was more of a hindrance, than talent- believing it wasn’t a suitable career choice. However, now I realise that being creative is actually my best skill.

I wanted to create something totally unique and adventurous where the sky really was the limit. After years of bottling up my creativity, I learned to let it out. All of my topics come from that standpoint of mental health.

What is the best thing about blogging and why?

SM: The best thing about blogging is the total freedom over your working life patterns. I can choose the hours that are suitable for me and can work anywhere in the world.

My business is literally portable and it’s just something I love doing. If you’re looking for something you can do at home- give blogging a try. It’s also pretty therapeutic, but that’s just an extra bonus.

It’s also lead me into new money streams such as ghost writing and social media management- something I never thought I could do but it’s all thanks to blogging. It opens up new doors.

What are three must-read blogs you follow and why?

SM: Okay so as a blogger, I have a lot of love for other blogs, I spend just as much time reading other people’s content as I do creating it.

My three top blogs at the moment are:

Hand Luggage Only

The Nin Chronicles 

Rimel Neffati

They all have something I love, travel, poetry, creative writing and art -and they’re all totally unique. 

What’s the best opportunity your blog has given you?

SM: I’ve had lots of lucky opportunities from blogging, from writing gigs to free gifts but my best gift was landing a writing job for a magazine. I got my first ever article published called ‘the social make-up of irony’. I sent them a link to my blog and they asked me to write them an article.

I’ve got the magazine page framed on my wall. When it comes to blogging there really are unlimited possibilities – you just have to get creative and go find them. 
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