For twenty days I’ve been trying out Pro Plus Ultra which was sent to me to try out by Pro Plus. I was so excited about being part of the caffeine awareness campaign and trying their caffeine capsules for a slow release of energy throughout the day.

I’m no stranger to caffeine, actually, I’m a self-professed coffee addict, an extraordinary caffeine guzzler and I know, before you say anything, that I drink way too much coffee. So this felt like the perfect product for me to trial and I was excited to give them a go!

While I love coffee, I also know that it’s possible to drink too much. If you overdo it when it comes to caffeine it can be harmful and can even cause anxiety. But, caffeine also has some amazing benefits, particularly for brain function, so I’m excited to be sharing my review of Pro Plus Ultra with you today, firstly though, let’s talk about a typical day for me.

A tangled nature…

As a photographer, I am drawn to the unusual. I like get out and photograph all sorts of things. Yesterday I photographed boats and shipyards, I don’t know whether it was nostalgia, as it reminds me of the area I grew up in, but I found the industrial workings of the North fascinating. I like the way the nets tangle and the colours clash. It reminds me of energy I guess, or auras…

The industrial hum of a shipyard is complicated and robust. Mechanical and strong, skilled and rough. There’s a lot of comparison to the hard grind of life, and I like that.

Plus, I like being near the water, on a boat and out onto the sea. It’s wild, unwavering and it stops for no one. The sea is calm when it feels like it, boundless and free. I took these photographs on a little walk the other day, so I thought I’d share them.

As I’m a blogger and photographer, I like the contrast in my working life. Half of my time is spent writing, editing and researching, and the other half is getting out there and collecting the footage. I like the mix of roles, but it’s also tiring. Throw two kids in the mix and man, it’s easy to burn out.

Coffee is always my go-to, but I find myself frequently asking myself how much have I drank today? It can be all so easy to consume too much. It’s so easy to do and that’s why I’m gonna share Pro Plus Ultra with you all…

An energised Day

So for the past 20 days, I’ve been trying out Pro Plus Ultra. I was really excited about this product. Mainly, because I could really do with some more energy right now, running your own business is exhausting, to say the least.

I’m always trying to detox, and as much as I love coffee, the milk is packed full of calories and generally I think I tend to drink way more coffee than I should.

What I liked about these capsules was the idea of one daily dose of caffeine. The idea is that you take a capsule in the morning and it gives you a slow release of caffeine throughout the day.

I was also excited about the idea of potentially being able to cut down on snacks. All too often I find myself reaching for a biscuit or buying lunch for myself while I’m out and about and when you add coffee to the mix all those calories really start to add up! So anything that can give me energy and help me to reduce snacking is going to be a winner…

The ingredients in Pro Plus Ultra

What I like about these products, are the added ingredients of Ginseng, Guarana, Ashwagandha and B6 and B12.

As you might already know I’m loving focus supplements at the moment so I already take supplements daily which help with my immunity and so much more, if you haven’t tried their products I’d really recommend them. What’s great about the ingredients in Pro Plus however is that they have an added boost of caffeine.

So what are these supplements and why are they good for you?

Ginseng – this has many benefits for health, but mainly it tends to improve brain function and helps to fight tiredness

Guarana – basically this is caffeine, it contains 4 X the amount of a coffee bean

Ashwagandha – Is a medicinal herb that helps to reduce cortisol (stress hormone) which lowers stress and helps to fight anxiety

B6 – A healthy nervous system and maintains psychological brain function

B12 – This enhances mood and can fight off depression

My findings

What I noted about this product was its slow release throughout the day. I really maintained energy throughout the day, and I could still sleep at night.

I’ll admit losing coffee was strange at first, especially the first one of the day. I made myself a few cups out of habit in the mornings before realise I shouldn’t drink them, they unfortunately had to be tipped down the sink. If you’re used to drinking coffee regularly the initial adjustment might feel a little strange. I would not drink coffee as well as taking these, as these capsules contain your full daily amount of caffeine.

I started to notice that every time I went to make a coffee (and realised I couldn’t have one) I started to drink more water instead. This has been amazing for my complexion and I think I am finally drinking the daily recommended intake of water.

I think this has been the biggest benefit of these capsules in all honesty. Now when I’m thirsty I drink water.

As for my snacking, I have noticed a reduction. When I’m out and about collecting photography for my blog, I have more energy. I’ve been able to walk for longer periods of time and generally don’t feel like I need a snack or a pick me up, which is also much cheaper.

I’ve also had more energy to play with my daughter in the park during my days off so I’m really enjoying the effects these capsules are having on my day to day life. I like that I’m not in any danger of taking too much caffeine daily. I know how much I’m ingesting, daily.

The main selling point of these capsules is that they improve concentration. While I’m not sure whether they have reduced procrastination, I have noticed some amazing benefits.

I like that they give you the same amount of energy as an energy drink without the harmful ingredients or sugar. I also think they’re pretty handy to carry around with you, so they’d suit a busy lifestyle. Also as they release caffeine slowly they reduce the buzz you sometimes get from coffee.

If you suffer from anxiety, I think these pills would be a great purchase for you. As well as containing Ashwagandha they allow you to safely monitor your caffeine intake. 1 capsule contains 100mg of caffeine, and each pack contains 10 capsules.

I would say that it took me five days to adjust to these tablets fully, but that was probably because I reduced my caffeine intake daily quite significantly, so you should start to see results from these with just one pack.

Pro Plus Ultra is available at Superdrug and is priced at a reasonable £7.25 you can purchase it from Superdrug by clicking here.

After 10 days I’d managed to save myself an amazing £40. 50 on coffee so, I’ll absolutely be purchasing more. Thanks, Pro Plus Ultra!

Thanks for reading,

Have you tried Pro Plus Ultra? What did you think? Comment below.


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