As a small business, there’s nothing more exciting than a new product launch, apart from the fact that it’s stressful. Champers at the ready, social media campaigns that you’ve spent weeks planning are about to go live. New product packaging and web design are so important! With everything that goes into a new product launch, sometimes you just need to ask for a bit of help.

But have no fear, here to save the day is a web design agency and an influencer outreach service. In this article let me show you how bloggers and new website design can give you a helping hand when you’re launching a new product!

So grab a cuppa savvy business owner, and let’s talk product launch strategy, here are 10 ways bloggers can take away some of the heat when you’re launching a new product…

1. They create excitement about your new product

Offering an online exclusive sneak peek of your product creates excitement. It’s a tried and tested method and all large companies do it. Why? Well, there’s just something exciting about getting to see a new product before it’s out.

Bloggers are able to share a product with their audience before it’s even been launched and that makes it exclusive. Bloggers also have multiple social media platforms, that’s just how we roll, so we’re usually happy to create more than just written content! We’re kind of multi-promotional mavericks, so just ask us for more and you shall receive.

Getting bloggers to produce a detailed review of how to use your products, or asking them to produce video content on how to use your product effectively for the best results, is also a proven way to increase sales. Customers like visual content.

2. Online reviews of your product before it’s launched

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It’s a well-known fact that consumers read reviews, that’s why product reviews are so popular online. But as a consumer, I know that there is nothing more frustrating than trying to research a product online, that you’re thinking about buying and there is virtually nothing out there.

For a start, it makes a brand look untrustworthy- compared to larger brands, which may well have similar products. Usually, this makes the consumer choose a recognised brand. Secondly, it’s just annoying…

Making sure that there are online reviews about your product before it’s launched enables smooth sailing when it comes to customers researching your products. With customers feeling that they can trust your brand, it will definitely improve sales.

Remember, money is tight at the moment and everyone is feeling the pinch of the economy. The likelihood of customers researching before buying is going to increase compared to that of impulse buying.

3. You can make last-minute tweaks to your product

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Paying professional bloggers to write honest reviews before the product is launched is an excellent idea because it allows you to make any last-minute tweaks to your product.

Misleading information on the packaging?

An overlooked grammatical error?

An issue with how the product opens?

All of these things are really important and will save you big expenses later on down the road. It gives you the time to make sure your product is perfect before release, while also drumming up curiosity.

4. Honest online reviews count as market research

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Not only will having online reviews give buyers a little taste of what’s to come, it also gives you a chance to see how their followers are reacting to it. In terms of online SEO research, this will give you a head start on marketing analysis and give you an opportunity to source some honest feedback on your product before it’s even launched.

You can also include bloggers in testimonials on your website or even print them on the packaging. Remember depending on your advertising budget, there are bloggers in all ranges from nano-influencers all the way to top end product reviewers.

Tip: Nano-influencers usually get higher engagement rates due to fewer followers, so more interactions… which is better for the budget too.

5. Find good Bloggers to write good reviews

I’ve already mentioned in my post how to find good bloggers, but I’m going to say it again. Finding good, reliable bloggers can be challenging. Ideally, what you’re looking for is someone experienced in review writing to make sure you get the best quality article for your product launch.

If you’re a small business owner looking for bloggers, I’m going to recommend Get Blogged.

First up, it’s completely free to sign up, secondly, the staff are really helpful and happy to guide you through the process, which is awesome if you’re new to the business of hiring bloggers!

Once you’ve signed up, (it’s easy-peasy) you’ll get access to 19, 000 bloggers (and counting) who cover every flipping niche you could imagine.

Releasing an Underboob deodorant? They’ve got your perfect match. Camomile scented toe things? Yep.

Secondly, all bloggers must approve and link up their sites so their metrics are available to view in one handy place, which really takes the hassle out of having to research your bloggers- and did I mention you get all that for free?

You will have to pay bloggers a small fee for their services, however, but that’s only if you decide to hire someone- but you can read all about that in my post on where to find good bloggers, or you might also like to hire bloggers to grow your business.

Why not sign up today to Get Blogged for free and see what Bloggers can do for your product launch? Click here to sign up.

6. They promote promotional campaigns

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Thinking of offering a promotional discount with your product launch? Bloggers are your forefront runners in promoting your promotional campaigns. You can also create tailormade and unique promotional discounts with individual bloggers such as unique discount codes.

In this way you can monitor which bloggers are making sales for you, allowing you to continue with bloggers that are getting you the results you’re after.

Bloggers are happy to be part of campaigns, they’ll use the relevant hashtags and often can start trends, which is perfect for the launch of your products, what could be better than a campaign going viral with only a minimal spend out of your advertising budget?

7. You could go Viral

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As I mentioned earlier nano-influencers are cheaper to hire, but they also have a higher engagement rate so it’s a win, win really. But, I also wanted to point out that all influencers are hard workers, whether they blog or they promote on social media, it’s part of the job. It takes commitment, vision and a lot of patience.

After a while (usually around 18 months for bloggers) there’s a good chance they could go viral. All that hard work will pay off eventually.

My point is, is that even if you choose to work with a smaller budget when deciding on a blogger for your product launch, there’s a good chance at some point in the future they will blow up, so it’s kind of a good investment for the future- a lot like Pinterest pins.

Imagine only paying someone £60 to write an article about your product and in 6 months they’re getting 300,000 + monthly website views – it’s a smart idea.

8. You could build a long term influencer relationship on a small budget

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Again, if you meet the right blogger, who understands your product and knows how to market it, you could nab yourself some nifty sales by not having to really do much at all.

Beyond your product launch, if bloggers genuinely love your product, they are usually happy to keep promoting it beyond the initial launch.

9. It makes your product launch less stressful

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I know that when we run a business, it can be tempting to think I can do this all myself. I can run my Instagram campaign thank you, check the product quality, post them myself and organise the launch do- and I’m sure you can, but the point is, you shouldn’t have to do it all yourself.

Dipping into that advertising budget, even just by a small amount can make your life a little easier and then watch the online sales start to roll in while you’re still nursing your launch do hangover.

10. Sit back and let the Hype do the talking

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Yeah, having an army of online bloggers to market your product online before it’s even launched is one smart advertising strategy. How do I know? Because so many small businesses like yourself do it and see the results.

If you already have a marketing strategy, don’t forget about your online presence. Social media alone just isn’t enough these days. Be one step ahead and hire bloggers for your product launch today.

Sign up to Get Blogged here

For a web design agency that can really make a difference in your product launch, let me recommend Kijo.

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