Bumblebees and adventures in the sunshine at Scotswood Garden

This weekend we visited the Great Scotswood Garden Get Together. It’s a park in Newcastle-upon-Tyne run by volunteers and it’s just beautiful. My kids and I had a great time learning about bumblebees. There’s a lot of campaigns at the moment talking about ‘saving the bees’ and this event didn’t disappoint.

It’s the summer solstice tomorrow and I’ve been enjoying the hazy sunshine. I’ve always loved to connect with nature. It’s so important for mental health, but I also think it’s important for children. It’s important for them to experience nature and so I love summer activities outdoors.

There’s lots of magical landscaping and pretty flowers here so I’d really recommend a visit if you’re in the area. It’s somewhere I’ve never visited, and I loved the art deco building in the middle of the grounds.

It’s a gorgeous place that my daughter loved exploring and it’s something I’d recommend for kids and adults alike.

Bees are of course endangered, and with the use of pesticides, a loss of natural bee habitats and Varroa mite (a parasite that feeds on honeybees) if we’re not careful they will die out. That doesn’t just mean the end of honey, it means the end of flowers such as foxglove, we need bees to pollinate the flowers.

Bees are actually a vital part of the world as we know it. The good news is that you can do something to help save the bees. You can plant bee attracting flowers. In fact, the best part of visiting Scotswood garden was that they gave us a plant to take home to plant to help attract bees in the garden.

I also found a website offering a free bee plant seed mix (you only pay for postage) you can order some here.

Here’s a short vlog of our day out at Scotswood Garden. You can visit their website here to look for the latest activities and events.

Painting a scene at Jesmond Dene

Somewhere else my daughter loves to visit is Jesmond Dene. There’s a pet’s corner, cafe, ice cream and a cute little park, plus lots of nature to get lost in. If you’re looking for somewhere to have an adventure with kids in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, I’d really recommend Jesmond Dene.

Here’s a little vlog of our day out. I’m really enjoying filming at the moment. I’m liking the transition of written content with video content. If you’re liking it to comment below and let me know and don’t forget to follow my Instagram blog account @startingtodayblog if you haven’t already.

Thanks for reading, happy summer solstice!


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